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Yazd souvenirs

What Makes Yazd Souvenirs Distinct?

Yazd is the city of windmills and bicycles. It is where the world’s first safe deposit box was built. This province has warm and hospitable people who welcome the guests with their interesting accents, encouraging smiles, and Yazd souvenirs. After enjoying the sights of Yazd and sightseeing, you should think about buying Yazd souvenirs.

Yazd souvenirs are divided into two general categories: traditional sweets and handicrafts, and most of them can be purchased from the traditional markets of the city. Yazd souvenirs, from handicrafts to all kinds of delicious Yazdi sweets, can be bought from the old markets of the city. In addition, you can enjoy watching the architectural art and hidden history in the corners of the markets. In this article, we are going to introduce Yazd souvenirs.

Yazd souvenirs

Yazd Edible Souvenirs

Yazd sweets souvenirs are among the most popular ones that you can buy. Like Isfahan, Yazd has very diverse and delicious edible souvenirs, most of which are fresh sweets. If your mouth is watering up to this point in this list, you should know that if you reach Yazd, a few kilos of extra weight is something that you cannot prevent. Don’t you believe?! In the following, we will review the best edible souvenirs of Yazd.

Yazd Qottab

One of the most popular and famous edible souvenirs of Yazd is Qottab which has a very delicious and unique taste. Qottab consists of two outer and inner layers. The outer layer, i.e. the dough, is prepared from wheat flour, egg yolk, and milk or yogurt. The inner layer is obtained from a combination of almond powder, sugar powder, and cardamom.

Yazd souvenirs

This delicious sweet is fried in oil after preparation and is finally rolled in powdered sugar. The presence of cardamom in sweets gives it a very delicious taste and a pleasant aroma. Qottab sweets are also prepared in some other cities of Iran, which, of course, have a different preparation method, but it is the famous Qottab of Yazd that has won everyone’s hearts.

This sweet also has a high nutritional value, so each piece of it has approximately 120 kilocalories. We recommend that you make sure to buy Qottab Yazd as a souvenir for your family and friends during your trip to this historical city. Amir Chakhmaq Square can be considered one of the best centers for buying Qottab.

Yazd Baklava

Baklava is one of the most famous and delicious sweets of Yazd. This sweet is prepared in many other countries such as Turkey, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Caucasus, Central Asian countries, and some Arab countries. But none of them has the pleasant taste of Yazd baklava. In addition to Yazd, this sweet is also prepared in Tabriz and Qazvin.

The main ingredients of Yazd baklava are flour, sugar, baking powder, milk, cardamom, rose water, oil and powdered sugar, pistachio, and almond powder to decorate it. In general, Baklava is prepared in different flavors such as coconut, pistachio, and almond. It is prepared in three shapes: rhombus, square, and tube. This sweet is very cerebral and energizing and has a really delicious taste.

Yazd souvenirs

Baklava is exported to other countries as one of the best souvenirs of Yazd. We suggest that you eat this sweet during your trip to Yazd, and also buy it as one of Yazd souvenirs for your family and friends. The best places to buy Baklava in Yazd are the shops around Amir Chakhmaq Square.

Yazdi Cake: The Main Souvenir of Yazd

Yazdi cake is one of the authentic souvenirs of Yazd which is very tasty. In addition to Yazd, this sweet is also sold in most cities of Iran and has many fans. But if you want to taste its real taste, you should travel to Yazd province.

The ingredients of this traditional cake include white flour, eggs, sugar, solid oil or butter, baking powder, baking soda, yogurt or milk, salt, fruit, and cardamom, and some use raisins, and pistachio slices to the taste. The texture of Yazdi cake is very soft and tender and it is considered an excellent choice for souvenirs. Do not forget to buy Yazdi cake on your trip to this ancient city.

Ardakan Halva Ardeh

One of the oldest and most delicious souvenirs of Yazd, which has been on our Iranian table since the past, is Halva Ardeh. This delicious food is usually eaten for breakfast and is very nutritious. Halva Ardeh of Ardakan in Yazd is very famous and popular due to its naturalness and the absence of any chemical or unnatural additives. Ardakan Halva Ardeh is very delicious and has a natural taste. When traveling to Yazd, be sure to try Ardakan Halva Ardeh.

Yazd souvenirs

Yazd Loz

Another souvenir of Yazd, which is very popular and famous among the people is the Loz sweet. In addition to Yazd, this sweet is prepared in a different way in many other cities of Iran, but its origin goes back to Yazd. For this reason, you will taste the real taste of almonds only in Yazd.

Loz sweets are available in three flavors: almond, coconut, and pistachio, all of which are unique in their own way and the choice depends on your taste. The basic ingredients used to prepare Loz are sugar and egg whites, which will be added with almond powder, betel nut, coconut, and pistachio.

The presence of betel nut in almonds gives a unique aroma to this sweet and will make it very fragrant. It is interesting to know that making small Loz cookies is very simple and does not require an oven.

Yazd Cotton Candy

Most people have tried the taste of cotton candy at least once, especially in their childhood. But perhaps few people know that it is considered one of the most authentic sweets of Yazd. Cotton candy is a kind of bulky candy that is obtained from sugar.

This delicious sweet, which has a different taste from those that we ate in parks as children, is prepared in different flavors such as saffron, cocoa, coffee, and fruit. By buying cotton candy from Yazd, you can relive your childhood memories.

Yazd souvenirs

Haj Badami Sweets

Haji Badami is one of the most popular Yazd souvenirs, which is similar to very small sweets. This sweet is very delicious and raw materials such as almonds, egg yolk, rose water, powdered sugar, baking soda, and cardamom are used to prepare it. Due to the presence of ingredients such as almonds, these small sweets, and souvenirs of Yazd are very nutritious.

You can get Haji Badami sweets from pastry shops all over Iran because it has many fans and is even served in cafes with coffee and tea. This old Yazdi sweet is also used for serving tea. And because of its small size, it can be a good substitute for high-calorie snacks.

Yazd Handicrafts

When we talk about the history of Yazd, you should prepare your mind for many surprises. These handicrafts are only a small part of the centuries-old and thousands-year-old history and culture of this piece of desert in Iran. Handicrafts are another souvenir of Yazd that are made in different cities of the province. These souvenirs are very diverse and we will examine only those that are among the most popular handicrafts of the province. In the following, we will get to know about some of the long-lasting Yazd souvenirs.

Yazd souvenirs

Yazd Termeh

One of the oldest arts of Iranians in the field of handicrafts is Termeh embroidery, which is more than 400 years old. Termeh embroidery actually dates back to the Zoroastrian period and they used this art to sew pants for weddings and celebrations.

In the past, Termeh weaving was done manually. But over time, it became semi-industrialized and is now produced with special machines. The fabric used for Termeh is of high quality and is priced high due to the unique designs used on it.

Termeh fabric is now used in various types of products such as clothes, shoes, bags, tablecloths, and other items. Be sure to buy Termeh for yourself and your family on your trip to Yazd. You can get Termeh from Khan Bazaar.

Yazd Matting

Matting or Zilou can be considered one of the oldest handicrafts of Yazd, which dates back to the pre-Islamic period. The production center of Zilou is located in Meybod, Yazd province. Also, the oldest Zilou can be found in the Grand Mosque of Yazd, which we recommend you visit. Zilou material is made of cotton yarn and has various beautiful designs such as Roman straps, embroidery, and big and small eight feathers. Due to its thin material, Zilou is used in the hot seasons of Yazd and is particularly popular in this regard.

Yazd souvenirs

One of the attractive features and indicators of Yazd Zilou is that no unnatural or chemical colors are used. All colors are obtained from plants such as walnut skin, lapis lazuli, and other plant colors. Zilou was considered one of the most important trade items in Yazd province in the past.

Yazd Copper

In addition to Kerman, which is one of the best producers of durable and beautiful copper, Yazd is one of the most famous producers of copper artifacts. Copper dishes are famous Yazd souvenirs. If you visit the old market of Yazd, you can see the old master craftsmen who are shaping copper dishes. The sound of the hammer striking with a continuous and regular song on the dishes makes this order of the market beautiful like a symphony orchestra.

Yazd souvenirs

Yazd pottery

Yazd, apart from textile industries, which constitute the most important part of Yazd souvenirs, also has other handicrafts. One of the most important and popular of these handicrafts is Yazd pottery. Meybod is the center of one of the most artistic pottery in Yazd.

The reason for this is having good and high-quality soil that has good adhesion. As a result, you can use it to produce high-quality and beautiful pottery. Pottery in Yazd, like in other parts of the country, is a sign of life in desert areas where the soil is very valuable. To keep it alive, they prepare pottery.

Earthenware such as jugs can keep water cool, which is vital for desert people who live in hot and dry climates. The price of Yazd pottery can vary depending on the type of pottery and its dimensions.

Yazd Ikat

The art of Ikat weaving is more than 800 years old. But, unfortunately, this art has been neglected and forgotten recently. The material of the fabric used in Ikat weaving is silk and natural colors are used in it. In the past, only the rich and famous people could afford Ikat-woven clothes. Hence, the name of this valuable art is Daraei Bafi (meaning weaving for the wealthy).

Yazd souvenirs

In the past, this fabric was only used for bedspreads, quilt covers, and quilt linings. But now, it is mostly used for bedspreads and tablecloths. Be sure to get Ikats and take them as Yazd souvenirs for your family and friends. In this way, you will have a share in the establishment and sustainability of this ancient art.

Sha’r-Woven Products

One of the original, traditional, and eye-catching arts of Yazd is Sha’r weaving. There is no doubt that Yazd is a city whose textile industry and its luxurious fabrics have been famous for many years to the point where Marco Polo says in his travelogue, “Yazdi silk fabrics are famous among merchants and are exported to all parts of the world.”

Unfortunately, it has not received much attention and is almost disappearing. Animal hair is called Sha’r, and Sha’r weaving is basically a method of hand weaving with animal hair or even silk. This method of weaving is very difficult and for this reason, it has been forgotten.

Yazd Shamad

Shamad is another one of the most important handicrafts and souvenirs of Yazd. It is woven for tropical and desert areas. Shamad is basically a type of blanket that is very cool and is woven from cotton or viscose silk. It is used in the summer and you should be in Yazd city and use it to realize the creativity of the people of this country.

Yazd souvenirs

Yazd Souvenirs Are the Product of Powerful Hands

In this article, we introduced Yazd souvenirs. Like the souvenirs of other Iranian cities, the best place to buy souvenirs is the bazaar of the city. In this market, you can buy any kind of Yazd souvenirs, from edible ones to handicrafts. If you want to buy edible souvenirs of Yazd, the sweet shops of this city can be the best choice. But to buy handicrafts, it is better to go to the market or buy them directly from the villagers.

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