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Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Buying Mobile Accessories in Tehran Can Prevent Damage to Your Phone

Imagine walking down the street and listening to music. You are lost in thought. It is a beautiful and exciting day and everything is perfect. You take the phone out of your pocket and unconsciously it slips from your hand and falls on the street floor. It is not a beautiful day anymore. If the phone screen is broken, you have to pay a lot of money to repair the phone. If there are scratches on the body, your phone is no longer elegant and beautiful. This will not happen if you have a good frame, a resistant glass, or a case on your phone. Other mobile accessories play vital roles as well. So it is wise to buy mobile accessories to prevent damage to your phone. In this article, we are going to see how buying mobile accessories in Tehran can be done.

The Best Places to Buy Mobile Accessories in Tehran

With the developing technology, every week a new smartphone model is released along with its accessories. The increasing variety and rapid development of technology require users to consider various criteria when purchasing a new phone and its accessories. Expectations of smartphones to buy at high prices are also increasing. For this reason, attention should be paid to the details when buying a new smartphone and its accessories.

Buying a mobile phone, computer, or laptop may be a difficult process for someone who is not familiar with this field. Which mobile phone market in Tehran should he visit or which brand is suitable for his work requires a lot of research. Tehran is full of phone and laptop market and therefore it is difficult to choose the right market. Especially if you come from outside Tehran and have limited time, you should know in advance where to go to get good advice and fair prices. In the following, we will see the best shopping centers for buying mobile accessories in Tehran.

Aladdin Passage: The Largest Shopping Center for Buying Mobile Accessories in the Middle East

Buying a phone from Aladdin Passage, which is Tehran’s mobile market, can be one of the best choices. Because in this passage there are the best businesses in this field and wholesales. Sometimes you can buy a single phone at a good price from Aladdin wholesalers. If you like any brand of phone and mobile phone, you can easily find it here. Samsung Aladdin dealership for fans of this brand and Apple Aladdin dealership for Apple fans are also in this passage.

Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Although most of the shops have advertised the Samsung brand, there is also an Apple representative here. It has 11 floors and 1100 shops inside. Representatives of other brands such as LG, Nokia, and Sony with their accessories can be found in this passage. If your phone is broken and you are looking for a place to repair it, you can visit Aladdin’s ground floor where they do mobile repairs. You can also go to the fifth floor to buy a wireless hands-free. Xiaomi brands can be easily found in this passage.

Charsoo Passage: Tehran’s Luxury Center for Buying Mobile Accessories

Here is a more clean and luxurious passage. It also has the latest phone models. You will enjoy walking in this passage and its cleanliness and neatness. You can find most of the mobile dealers here. There are Xiaomi dealers in Charso Passage, Samsung, Apple, etc. Laptop and laptop bag or handsfree and other phone accessories can also be found.

On the fifth floor, there is a food court passage and 5 cinemas, which many people come here for its good cinema. You may have come to Tehran from other cities to buy such computer or mobile accessories and want to spend a few days as a guest in Tehran. Our suggestion for booking accommodation in Tehran is to rent a furnished apartment for the day, which is both comfortable and feels like being in your own home.

Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Iran’s Mobile Market

Tehran’s mobile bazaar on Hafez Street, lower than Jumohri Street, has 14 floors. It has 5 commercial floors, each of which is placed on the same floor based on the type of products they sell. The amenities here are very good and complete in terms of a restaurant and coffee shop, parking lot, and prayer hall. Don’t worry about the parking space because Iran’s mobile market has 9 floors of parking.

All famous mobile brands are present in this arcade. Here, apart from the mobile phone and its accessories, you can also find a variety of audio-visual equipment. The working hours of Iran’s mobile market are 9 am to 8 pm on normal days and 9 am to 4 pm on holidays. The closest metro station to Iran Mobile Bazaar is Hassan Abad metro station and you can reach this market by walking for 5-6 minutes. To find the phone numbers of Tehran Mobile Bazaar shops, you can visit the Mobile Bazaar website and then get the desired number from the store office.

Bazaar Reza: Good for Buying Both Mobile and Computer Accessories

Well, the best way to get to the Reza computer market is the metro. Get off at Valiasr Crossroads Station and exit from Valiasr North–West exit. Here is an old market that you can visit to buy laptops and computer parts. It is open from 8 am to 8 pm. You can find many laptop and mobile accessories in this market. Some of the shops in this market have a showroom and you can test the products you want before buying.

Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Indeed, if you are looking for a place to repair your electronic devices, visit here. Both the access route is easy and the upper floors here are for after-sales services and repairs. Shops located outside this passage are good options for mobile phone repairs.

Paytakht Passage: One of the Best Places for Buying Mobile Accessories

The Paytakht Passage on the Mirdamad Boulevard is a chic shopping center for buying laptops, game consoles, computer and mobile parts, and accessories. You can get yourself to this passage with BRT. Take the Tajrish BRT line and get off at the Mirdamad station. From this station to the passage, it is not very far. You can also come to this passage by subway. For that, you have to get off at Mirdamad station and take a taxi to the passage. The working hours here are from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm and it is also open on Fridays.

Iran’s computer center in the heart of the city

The Iran Computer Center is on Valiasr Street, above the Taleghani intersection. This is a large and reliable center for buying computer and mobile products and accessories and is considered as one of the oldest computer markets in Iran. To go to this center, you can use Tajrish BRT and get off at Taleghani station. You have to get off at Vali Asr Square station by metro and after a short walk, you will see the center in front of you. Indeed, if you want to come here in your car, don’t worry about the parking space because the passage has 4 floors of parking. It has 5 floors of commercial units and you will find several coffee shops in it. The working hours here are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and they are open until 7:00 PM on Thursdays. It is closed on Fridays.

Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Important Tips for Buying Mobile Accessories in Tehran

Specify exactly what you need. As you know, mobile phones and their accessories have many features and these features are added day by day with the advancement of technology. Of course, this change also determines the price of mobile phones and their accessories. Why pay more for features you don’t use? There are many cell phones, low-end and high-end phones from every brand. It will be very difficult to compare these features both within the same brand and with other brands. Especially if you are not familiar with technology and technical terms; Comparing takes a lot of time and confuses.

Brand selection

As you know, some mobile phones are more expensive than other brands. For example, Samsung mobile phones are more expensive than other phones with the same features. We see advertisements for many phone brands on TV or the Internet. However, there are many quality cell phone brands that you don’t see advertised much. Add these brands to your list and see user comments from virtual stores.

Camera and lens

The quality and resolution of photography and videography in mobile phones are measured by the pixel quality of the camera and lens. The larger the camera pixel, the clearer the image quality. However, it is a mistake to look only at pixel size for image quality. The quality of the lens is also important. The image quality and resolution of a mobile phone with low pixels but using a quality lens can be higher.

Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of touch phones is often overlooked. Although the battery capacity of mobile phones is one of the most important criteria; since there is no general information among people, it is not asked when buying. The battery capacity of mobile phones sold today is measured in mAh.

A battery with a power of 3500 mah is about low, 4000 to 4500 mah is medium and 5000 mah are high capacity batteries. With batteries of 5000 mm and above, you can use your phone for more than 2 days (unless you play games or use social media).

RAM and processor

The amount of RAM is directly related to the programs inside the phone. Therefore, we are not exaggerating if we say that the most important feature in mobile phones is RAM. RAM ensures that the Internet, games, social media applications, banking applications, audio and video recording and editing applications, and many other applications and features work properly.

In addition, the simultaneous operation of several of these programs is also related to RAM. It means that the amount of RAM should be high so that you can play music, play games, and reply to WhatsApp messages at the same time.

It can be said that phones with RAM below 4 GB, low RAM, 4 GB medium, and RAM 6 GB or more are considered high-end. Of course, these numbers are temporary. As in the past, mobile applications will continue to grow and require much more RAM in the coming years.

Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Memory Storage

Storage memory in mobile phones is often confused with RAM. The photos and videos you take with your mobile phone and the apps you install are stored on your mobile phone. Apart from these things, app updates, Android and system files, some cookies, and data that you don’t notice while browsing the internet are also stored in your phone. This form of storage is done in the following three ways.

Memory card

The second storage unit is memory cards. With these cards, you can increase the storage space of your phone and transfer it anywhere. So, don’t worry if your favorite phone is running low on storage space. You can increase the space with a memory card.

With the increase of applications and games in phones with the new generation of Android and other operating systems, more storage space is required. In other words, we can say that a mobile phone with average storage space (16GB) can easily be filled with updates, new apps, photos, and videos within 1-2 years.

User Reviews

Check the opinions of users when buying a mobile phone and buying mobile accessories. Check the phone accessories that you intend to buy in the media. In such environments, you can ask questions about the mobile phone you intend to buy. Ask users to share their experiences.

Buying mobile accessories in Tehran

Buying Mobile Accessories Can Be Fun in Tehran

Mobile accessories are a set of hardware that are not integrated by the manufacturers of mobile devices as part of the final product and are usually made by third-party designers and used alongside the mobile phone and perform a function or provide a capability. It is sometimes necessary for all people, including foreigners, to buy mobile accessories in Tehran.

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