How can I buy online in Tehran?

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Iran websites for shopping have grown tremendously during the last few years. Online purchasing is becoming more popular among people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Here are eight of the most popular Iran websites for shopping online. You may be thinking about traveling to Iran, but you’re overwhelmed with various questions: Does Iran have stores? Or does Iran have online shopping?! Well, the answer to those questions is “Yes.” Follow us through this article to learn more about Iran’s websites for shopping.

Best Websites for Buying Online

Website Title Category URL
DigiKala All Goods
DigiStyle Fashion
Zanbil All Goods
Snapp Market Super Market
Shixon Fashion
Okala Super Market
Plaza Digital Goods
Emalls All Goods
Baneh Home Appliances
Khanoumi Cosmetics
Dayan Shop All Goods
Etma All Goods‎
MooTanRoo Cosmetics
Banimode Fashion
KalaChio Home Accessories
Tavanino Medical Equipment 
Modiseh Fashion
Esam All Goods

History of online stores in the world

Online shopping is researching and purchasing products or services over the Internet. The earliest online stores went into business in 1992. Online retailing took over a significant segment of the retail market during the first decade of the twenty-first century, as ownership of personal computers increased and established retailers began to offer their products over the Internet.
In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web server and browser. In 1992 Charles Stack began the major online bookstore, Book Stacks Unlimited (, two years before Jeff Bezos started

Online shopping in Iran

When life becomes modern, leisure time inevitably decreases. Most leisure time is spent having fun, learning or enjoying hobbies, and even relieving people of boredom. There are no longer any opportunities for in-person shopping and spending time on the streets.
According to the data provided by the E-Commerce Monitor (ECM) gathered from the Central Bank of Iran, only 3 percent of the total number of transactions in the country have been online. Still, the numbers are growing at an unprecedented rate.
The average number of online transactions in the past nine months of the Persian year (1394) compared to the previous year saw a 25% growth. More online shops are popping up every week, trying to fill in the gap in a specific market segment. As the country’s leading tech hub, Tehran owns 46.7 percent of the total number of online businesses. The other four active provinces in Iran regarding the number of online companies are Esfahan, Razavi Khorasan, Fars, and East Azerbaijan, with 7.9%, 7.7%, 5%, and 3.8%, respectively.
The rising middle class in Iran and the fast growth of the internet infrastructure and mobile devices are playing a significant role in the prosperity of the country’s e-commerce sector.

How can I buy online in Tehran?

When traveling to Iran, you may ask yourself if it is possible to buy online in Iran? The answer to the question is: Yes, for sure, but how? Join us in this article.
With the presence of the Internet and its popularity of it, it has become possible to create online commerce for ease of purchase and sale, and buyers can easily buy the desired product and receive it at home without moving and wasting time.
Using your computer or another digital device for shopping needs can be convenient, offer more options to choose from, and provide you with insight you might not find in person at a store.
In general, in online stores, the way to buy is that the seller first lists the available goods in different categories so that the customer can find the product he wants more efficiently and make a purchase. The customer pays for the goods through the ways considered by the seller on the site. How the goods reach, the customer is usually done by post or vanguard post.

What are the factors of a good and safe online store?

Online stores each have their pros and cons, so people do not make all their purchases from just one online store. At the beginning of this article, I want to describe the features of a good and reputable online store so that we first know what features a good online store should have.
One of the most important and prominent features that every online store should have is that it should have a good and pleasant user experience, which means that the user who visits the site, even if it does not make a purchase, Experiences a good feeling.

User Interface

The user interface or UI is one of the main factors of any site to attract an audience. The user interface is the only factor the user interacts with after entering the area. The user interface or appearance of an online store should be designed to be so attractive and professional that the user, even if he does not intend to buy, goes to the store for entertainment, which means having a winning card over competitors.

User experience

User experience or UX, like the user interface, is one of the essential things in designing store sites and should be designed professionally and professionally. If I want to express the user experience simply, I must say that the user experience starts as soon as the user enters the site; the user should be able to quickly find the product he needs on the site and place his order in the shortest possible time with the minor steps. Register without delay and, in some cases, do not even realize when the purchase process was completed! This is called a professional and conscientious user experience. User experience in one sentence means that the user feels satisfied after leaving the site.

Purchase steps

The shopping process in an online store is critical because if the shopping process on a site is so complex and with high steps, at any stage, the user may refuse to buy, and the general daily store will order the order because of this issue. On the other hand, if the order registration process in an online store is simple or an order can be registered in only one step, that store will significantly increase sales. The steps of buying in an online store are one of designing the user experience mentioned above.

Advanced and fast search

Suppose you want to buy a product that you need from an online store. In that case, the first thing you usually do is search for the product name in the search section of the site. If the site search section does not work correctly or has a low speed, a large number of customers will lose themselves; for this reason, so the search department of the store must work completed professionally and quickly so that the user can find the products he needs very easily and quickly and make his purchase. Also, site search should be based on various filters, for example, price, brand, or color filters, and… can help the user in a professional pursuit.

Professional product categories

Another feature of an excellent online store is having a professional and principled category on the site. This can help a lot in finding the product that the customer needs. The product category in an online store should be utterly principled so that any product with any model, color, size, and… can be easily found in the site category.

Good quality and reasonable prices of products

Who hates the high quality of a product and the right price? Of course, we all buy from a store that provides the best quality at the most reasonable price. Some online stores in Iran currently guarantee the quality and authenticity of the goods and the lowest price, which is a significant improvement. In this context. So another feature of a top online store is the high quality of the products and offering them at the most reasonable price.

Money-back guarantee and return of goods

An online store that wants to gain the trust of its users must use a money-back guarantee and a product return. Otherwise, users will find it very difficult to trust such a site. Of course, some areas have a 7-day money-back guarantee on their site, but when they have to act on it, they shrug it off with a thousand kinds of excuses. We suggest that to not fall into the trap of such sites, check whether the rules related to product return and a money-back guarantee are fully stated at the time of purchase or on a separate page. They were not offered to buy from that site.

Send orders on time and fast.

Indeed, every person counts the moments to receive the product after registering the order. If the desired effect is not delivered at the promised time on the site, he will complain a lot, and the probability that he will not buy from that online store will be high. One of the most critical factors for success in internet businesses is to keep your promise. If you promise on your site that you will deliver the product to the customer within 24 hours, it must be returned within 20 hours. You will succeed in your work very soon, but if it is achieved within 25 hours instead of 24 hours, you will be disappointed and cautious in your subsequent purchases.

Essential features in shopping online

  1. The search department of the store should work professionally and quickly so that the user can find the products they need very quickly. Also, site search should be based on various filters that help the professional user search.
  2. The next feature of a good online store is the high quality of products with clear images, sufficient explanations about the product, and offering the product at the most reasonable price.
  3. To gain the trust of its users, the online store must have a money-back guarantee and product return services. To ensure warranty service, it is better to read the rules of that set carefully.
  4. The possibility of reviewing products on the site is a good option. You have helped the customer to choose the best outcome.
  5. Another feature of a Good Online Store is timely product posting. When you buy, the time it takes for the product to reach you is specified.

Online Shopping Websites in Tehran, Iran

Here are some popular e-commerce websites in Iran which are getting heavy daily traffic from inside the country.



Iran websites for shopping have grown tremendously during the last few years. Online purchasing is becoming more popular among people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Perhaps the most well-known Iran website for shopping is digikala. This online company began by selling electronics and computer products, but it has subsequently broadened its product offerings to include various other areas. On Digikala, you may buy multiple products, including books, music instruments, footwear, household equipment, and cosmetics, among other things.
With ten years of experience, Digikala has been recognized as the largest and most reputable online store in Iran by observing standards such as payment at delivery, 7-day warranty, and product warranty. It also ranks third in Alexa in the country.
From the beginning of its activity, Digikala has always used a lot of creativity to introduce its professional products. This is one of the fundamental reasons users go to Digikala to get accurate information about a product.

Important benefits:

  • Having the suitable filters to find the product you need
  • Attractive daily offers and discounts
  • 24-hours support
  • More reasonable price report than similar prices
  • Technical specifications of goods with details
  • Ability to pay when receiving the order
  • Email marketing
  • And offer related products

Website address:

Digi Style


Digistyle is one of the top Iran websites for shopping, a branch of Digikala, and it concentrates on selling clothes. Every fashion item you could want is available for purchase at Digistyle. The most crucial feature of Digistyle online store is offering original products with the best quality guarantee for the first time in Iran. The products you see in the Digistyle online store, including smoked glasses, accessories to bags, shoes, and suits, are among the best brands globally and guarantee that the product is genuine.

Important benefits:

  • Varied and advanced search capability
  • Variety of domestic and foreign brands
  • Offering various discounts
  • 24-hour support
  • Send free to purchase over 300 thousand tomans

Website address:



Zanbil online store is one of the stores that has started its work with the supply of various goods and has almost the basic standards of an online store. The financial support of MTN group also gave a massive boost to the fast growth of this online shop. In this store, there are more than ten thousand items in the categories of home appliances, air conditioning, digital, cosmetics, medicine and health, watches and accessories, baby seismic, office furniture, sports, and music accessories, etc., all from Reputable and well-known brands in the market have access to the central guarantees of the company. Customer satisfaction can be seen in all parts of Zanbil’s online store, making the customer feel good and lovable about his online shopping.
The value of the products in the Zenbil store is very convenient and gives the advantage to customers that by subscribing and purchasing the goods, the profit from each purchase is announced to the customer.

Important benefits:

  • Beautiful site and high speed
  • 7-day product warranty
  • Ability to track the order during delivery
  • Zhanbil Store Support Plan
  • free consultation
  • Various categories of products
  • Guarantee the authenticity of the goods

Website address:

Snapp Market

Snapp Market
Snapp Market

Snapp Market is one of the best store sites in Iran, founded in collaboration with Hypersta. Snapp market has two mobile versions of Android and iPhone that you can download from its website, Cafe Bazaar, or App Store.
This application could be used for all parts of Tehran, and customers can order the desired product online using the application and the site.
Hyperstar was one of the first companies to launch a hypermarket in the form of online stores. In addition to Tehran, it has several other branches in different cities. This online store has a great variety of food products for all needs.
If you’re visiting Iran and would like to order from Snapp Market, all you have to do is install the Snapp Market app from your phone or visit its website. You can find what you need quickly because items are appropriately categorized.

Important Benefits:

  • Easy Shopping
  • exceptional discounts
  • Convenient and cheap user interface
  • Wide variety of products
  • Ability to submit comments and criticisms
  • Android and iPhone mobile application

Website address:



One of the best and most experienced online stores is in Shixon. The website offers various categories such as clothing, jewelry, perfume, and accessories. Shixon has representatives in more than 30 cities of Iran to ensure fast delivery for its customers.
The photos of the clothes and sets on Shikson’s website were done by his professional photographer Shikson, and the pictures are genuine. This store is just a clothing provider that offers a variety of clothes in different colors and sizes.
Purchasing from Shixon is such that you can have the clothes delivered to your door and try them on, and if you like, pay the amount.

Important Benefits:

  • High speed of the site
  • Wide variety of products
  • Guarantee the authenticity of the goods
  • In-place payment
  • Beautiful website design
  • Offering one-size-fits-all clothes at special and cheap prices
  • Special offers and unbelievable discounts

Website address:



Okala is an online supermarket that you may access using your cell phone. This software is a web-based shopping application for the Ofogh Kourosh network of supermarkets in Iran. You can find everything in a typical big supermarket in Okala.
This list includes food items such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, laundry; tools; stationery, office supplies, and some types of clothes. Remember that all these apps have websites, too.
One of Ocala’s priorities is to offer products with more discounts and higher quality.
If you have given up your purchase after ordering or need to change the order before sending the goods, inform the Okala support unit by calling 1536.
One of the Okala Online Store is its application; you can easily register your goods and order the products you need. And get your door.
Other features of the okala store app are searching for products using audio and barcode scanning.

Important benefits:

  • Has a timetable for delivery of purchased goods
  • Have Functional application
  • Shopping costs above 100,000 Tomans are free
  • High speed of the site

Website address:



Plaza Online Store has been operating for several years to become a central online marketplace. This online store intends to supply various digital and non-digital goods tailored to customers’ needs to provide the product they need without going in person and at the most reasonable price possible. The Plaza Internet Market, in the first phase, provides digital products and related accessories in its working program. In the list of digital goods, Plaza products such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras, and electronics accessories (headphones, headsets, speakers, bags and covers, cables, chargers, Power Bank) from reputable brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei, Hoyt, Tesco, Energizer, Micro, etc. are available.
Other exciting features of the Plaza Store include a team of experts in digital marketing and web search space analysis that anticipate the digital appliance market space alongside the country’s best online stores.
The Plaza Support Team is constantly testing the goods supplied by the store and publishing the results in a comprehensive review with clear and expressive photographs on the complex website. With the help of these reviews, you can buy your desired digital product with high confidence.

Important benefits:

  • Low price compared to other stores
  • Ability to compare goods together
  • Fast and convenient shipping across the country
  • Possibility of following the order during the sending period
  • Option of choosing how to send
  • Having an attractive and up-to-date magazine
  • Functional description and information of the goods

Website address:



Emalls is not just an online store but a powerful and entirely professional search engine like Google that will give you information about the goods and items you need. In addition, it creates an intermediary role between the seller and the buyer and simplifies the buying process. Looking at the website of this online store, you will realize that almost no product has been missed from the point of view of Emalls, and it is considered one of the most complete and best online stores in the country.
The Emalls Online Store creates a competitive environment between sellers, adjusts prices, and buyers can buy the goods they want at lower prices. Emalls allows the buyer to watch all his choices in one place and choose the product with the knowledge of the actual price.
It should be noted that Emalls is only a reference for comparison and introduction of online stores and has no involvement in the operation of stores; as mentioned earlier, Emalls, like Google, is a search engine for online stores and shopping that helps shoppers get the items they need at the best price. One of the unique features of this site, in addition to easy access through the existing applications of this online store, is the ability to update information and prices automatically. Hence, sellers only need to update their online store information to the data Save and record them in Emalls.
In the online store of Emalls, besides having the current market price of all the goods you need, you can receive the latest technology news and information about the goods you need to understand better and see more openly. Prepare the product you want. Also, all those who buy from Emalls are comfortable that the goods they have purchased are not expensive because they prepare it with full knowledge of the price of the goods, which makes them always confident in the quality of their purchases.

Important Benefits:

  • Existence of a wide range of goods.
  • Correct categories.
  • Creating a competitive environment between sellers.
  • High site speed.
  • Automatic and instant updates of goods and their prices.
  • Having an application for Android and iOS.
  • Show all sellers the desired product, address, bid price, and…
  • Quick and easy search for the required product.
  • Existence of extended discounts.

Website address:



One of Iran’s oldest online home appliance stores is the online store, with more than eight years of activity. From the Alexa rank of Iran, it can be understood that it has high daily traffic. As the name of this online store indicates, it is located in Baneh, Kurdistan Province. Most of the products offered in this online store are from Baneh.
One of the advantages of’s home appliance online store is the 7-day money-back guarantee, which has led to more trust for buyers. store has attracted many customers due to its very reasonable prices and the originality and high quality of its products. Also,’s online store was among the top 5 sites in the field of online shopping stores at the 11th web and mobile festival in Iran.
If you prove the non-authenticity of the product, get 20% more than the amount of the product! Yes, you heard right, this program is a 120% guarantee of the authenticity of the development of the store, and it says that if the authenticity of the goods sent to you is proven to you, the store will pay customers 20% more than the amount paid for the product. online store offers products in audio and video equipment, digital goods, home appliances, heating and cooling appliances, beauty and health, car accessories, and… with the best quality. It guarantees the authenticity of the goods from the best brands in the world.

Important Benefits:

  • The professional and beautiful site interface
  • Guarantee the lowest price of products
  • The perfect variety of products
  • Guarantee of 120% authenticity of the goods
  • Has various discounts periodically and daily
  • Full compatibility with different devices (Responsive)
  • High site loading speed
  • Fast delivery of orders all over the country
  • Ability to pay at your place
  • Seven days product replacement warranty
  • Offering unique packages for bridal dowry
  • Has 24-hour support

Website address:



Khanoumi online store, which sells cosmetics and perfumes, has been operating since 2014. This store allows its users to choose the goods they need from a diverse collection of top foreign and Iranian brands.
One of the options that can differentiate this store among the buyers of cosmetic products is the muscular control over the originality of the goods, their quality, and their expiration date, which is possible due to the specialization of the store.
Also, one of the advantages of buying from the Khanoumi store is the possibility of ordering and requesting a gift. Customers of this store can order and test any product they want to buy. This can also be attractive to suppliers as they can easily offer their products to buyers for testing. The direct and close cooperation of the suppliers with Khanoumi has made it possible for this store to provide products at reasonable prices.

Important benefits:

  • Specialized introduction of cosmetics brands
  • Offer daily and periodic discounts on selected goods
  • Publish up-to-date and practical articles in the field of beauty
  • Possibility to be informed of the availability of the product and its discount
  • Detailed introduction of the offered goods, based on the product catalog and the manufacturer’s description
  • Free shipping for Tehran and city orders
  • Possibility to choose Ashantion

Website address:

Dayan Shop

Dayan Shop
Dayan Shop

Dayan shop is one of the online shops active in selling everyday goods, which can be a good option for buying all kinds of clothes, bags and shoes, accessories, and digital accessories. Diane Shop’s cooperation with manufacturers, suppliers, and immediacy imports of goods has made you find the most reasonable prices in this store.
Reasonable price is one of the main concerns of buyers about online stores. You can have a pleasant experience of cheap online shopping by buying from this store. Also, providing exceptional services such as an on-site order fee and a three-day warranty to test the purchased goods has led Diane Shop customers to gain loyalty in online sales.
The customer support team of this store also regularly monitors the status of ordering and sending packages to buyers so that customers can receive shipments with the slightest difficulty. As a result, if you want to buy goods in clothing and digital appliances and are looking for the best prices, Diane Shop provides you with a cost-effective purchase with comfortable sake.

Important benefits:

  • The most suitable price for each product
  • Ensuring the health of products
  • Clear images of each product with details
  • Offering discounted goods at different time
  • Fast recharge for popular goods
  • Send across country
  • secure payment ports

Website address:



Etma store can be considered one of the first online stores in Iran, which started its activities in 2012 under the supervision of the teacher’s Consumer Cooperative Union.
In addition to online shopping, when buying in person, customers can also use installment terms, which vary according to the product’s value. Etma is one of Iran’s first installment sales websites, which alone has created a competitive advantage between him and other online product sales sites.
This store has a very high diversity of different products to buy everything you need from home appliances, digital goods, beauty and health, baby appliances, fashion, apparel, etc., from Etma.

Important Benefits:

  • Non-prepaid installments.
  • Long-term installments.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Reasonable fees.
  • A wide variety of products.

Website address:‎



If you want to buy cosmetics, the mootanro online store is the best option. The shop has a variety of categories such as cosmetics, perfumes, electrical products, and baby hygiene products. The combination of products at the store has attracted a large segment of the online cosmetic market. This store provides original goods with the knowledge of famous brands in the market and provides them to users and consumers at the best prices. One of the advantages of the Mootanro store is the possibility of simple registration for cosmetic purchases; and the user only registers by entering a number and specifying a desired password and purchases his goods according to the specifications. Another essential feature of this site that attracts customers is the possibility to send for free.

Important benefits:

  • Fast and easy registration for product purchase
  • Possibility of sending free products all over the country
  • Offer special discounts
  • The beauty consulting team answers users’ questions
  • product return guarantee

Website address:



Banimode is one of the pioneers in the online fashion sales business, which began its professional activity in 2014 to offer high-quality products from different local and international brands to Iranians.
In general, the founder of fashion can be considered a place to meet the needs of the fashionable and the troubled, with the difference that you do not need to spend hours of traffic and pollution to buy from a particular brand, but also at home and on the couch to buy clothes or goods Is provided.
But what items can be expected from the founder of fashion? Everything created for man to wear and adorn can be found here. It does not matter what age or gender you are. Let’s proceed according to the category available on this store site. The two unique sections of this site are “1 + 1 Clothing Selling Festival” and “Wonders of the Day,” each of which has its grace and works in your pocket. The first idea was taken from the design of one to two Jane West tigers. You choose a set of top and bottom clothes, and you only pay for one.
Now you may be wondering how to buy it? Shopping can be done quickly through the site of this store.

Important benefits:

  • Fast and free shipping
  • Variety of products
  • product return guarantee
  • The unique combination of color and design of products
  • Cooperation with reputable brands
  • Exciting auctions, discounts, and offers
  • The only online store of Jane West, Samuel & Quinn, Baleno, and Joti Jeans brands in Iran

Website address:



Kalachio online store is one of Iran’s largest home and sleep goods stores. This store specializes in selling sleeping goods; It also sells other high-quality products for the house and kitchen, including Roofing, paddy, and towels.
In Kalachio online store, there are different sleeping goods, including bedspreads, blankets, pillows, pillows, and bedside lamps in the highest quality and wide variety, offered in various designs and colors.
Another advantage of this online store, which distinguishes it from other stores, is the possibility of returning the product, which has created the conditions for a safe and comfortable purchase for the customer. This advantage makes it easy to return the product if you are dissatisfied with it or see a difference between the product and its specifications and photo. Kalachio’s online store products are original and have a warranty of authenticity of the goods. The products sold in kalachio are reputable and well-known brands.

Important benefits:

  • Good quality images of products
  • Provide product specifications and features accurately
  • Great variety of products
  • Ability to return the goods up to two days after receipt by the customer
  • Free shipping to all parts of the country
  • Functional and attractive content in the Kalachio magazine
  • Strong support team
  • Ability to follow the order on the site

Website address:



Tavanino store was launched in 2018 to sell various types of home medical equipment, hospital equipment, and hygiene products in retail and wholesale firms.
Tavanino has provided an extensive collection of medical and medical equipment in the best brands of medical, consumer, and health products from all over the world to meet most people’s medical and care needs.
One of the essential advantages of this store is the provision of specialized advice by experts who provide the necessary instructions for selection and how to use before and after purchasing the product.
Tavanino medical equipment sells a wide range of therapeutic goods on its site, among the best-selling ones: barometer, fever meter, massager, respiratory aids, oxygen maker, pulse oximeter, hospital bed and hoteling equipment, incense machine, mother and baby loam, orthopedics and rehabilitation, health and consumables of the patient, etc.
Tavanino sells its products at a reasonable price due to the direct supply of goods by commercial companies and domestic manufacturers.
Since most of the products of this online store are medical goods, having originality, quality and warranty are very important.
According to this point, Tavanino is a specialized authority for investigating, introducing purchases, and inquiring about the prices of various therapeutic goods.

Important benefits:

  • Introduction and specialized review of medical and health equipment
  • Fantastic offers and discounts on products
  • Provide telephone and online advice before and after the purchase
  • Reasonable price of products
  • Send orders quickly
  • Possibility of ordering particular medical goods by phone
  • Having educational and up-to-date articles in Tavanino magazine

Website address: 



Modiseh Online Store was one of the first stores to specialize in the world of online clothing sales. For some time, Modiseh has added products such as books, stationery, and even snacks to her categories in addition to clothing. Of course, this increase in product diversity does not seem to harm the quality of their services. Unlike other sites, which have suitable products for users of all tastes and financial levels, most are modiseh products for people who want to buy expensive and brand clothes. Therefore, not all products on this site may be suitable for all tastes.
Modiseh tries to have a close relationship with its customers in terms of support services. You can send your message directly to the CEO, even if needed, with the help of an online form on the site.

Important benefits:

  • Guarantee the originality of the goods
  • Appropriate product category
  • Seven days money-back guarantee
  • Pro warranty and test clothing
  • Having a mobile application
  • A quick search among a variety of models and brands
  • Supply of goods from world-famous brands
  • Appropriate product category

Website address:



Esam is the local version of eBay for Iranians. The website was launched in 2011 and provided consumer-to-consumer services to users via its platform. Esam also has an auction section and provides a platform for the sellers to set their online shop page. Registering on Esam, participating in the auctions, and building your marketplace on the platform are free. Esam takes 7% for products valued at less than 10,000 Tomans ($3), and the commission becomes smaller as the price increases.

Website address:

Of course, except for these introduced websites, many other websites can provide you with high-quality and timely services, products, and goods. The introduction of the stores was based on the features, strengths, and functionality of the application so that you can easily choose your desired store with your taste and order your product.

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