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Tabriz Souvenirs

Why Are Tabriz Souvenirs So Popular?

Tabriz is one of the tourist areas of Iran that has all the characteristics of a good city to attract tourists. Rich history, wonderful urban development, diverse and famous souvenirs, and fascinating handicrafts are only a part of the charms of this city. Tabriz is a delicious city with good weather, which is very famous in Iran. It was one of the first capitals of Iran and is one of the most populous and prosperous cities in the country. This city has large and modern industries and is known as a metropolis. Also, do not neglect the handicrafts of this city. So, it’s not a surprise that Tabriz has different and special souvenirs and handicrafts that surprise everyone. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Tabriz’s souvenirs.

Tabriz: the Paradise of Foodies

Food is the first choice of every tourist to buy souvenirs. Tabriz is the land of delicious foods and the good news is that if you like sweets, Tabriz is your paradise! Tabriz’s sweets are so attractive that they capture the heart of every tourist. It is impossible to travel to this city and not be tempted to buy these sweets.

Many of these sweets are also prepared in neighboring countries such as Turkey. The reason for this is the common history of the Azerbaijan region and the countries of the Caucasus region. So, if you plan to travel to Tabriz, be sure to visit its confectioneries to buy souvenirs. In the following, we will introduce some of the traditional and famous sweets as souvenirs of Tabriz.

Tabriz nuts: the best souvenirs of Tabriz

Nuts are one of the delicious foods and souvenirs of Tabriz. They have had many fans from ancient times to today due to their high quality. Nuts are used in Nowruz to celebrate and welcome guests, and it is among Iranian traditions.

Nuts are not only popular among Tabriz people, but are also used as a gift and vow on the Yalda night and religious days. Tabriz nuts are so loved that they are sold to other countries and regions such as Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Europe.

Tabriz Souvenirs

Ishli Koke

Ishli Koke is the name of a local bread and one of the souvenirs of Tabriz, which people used to bake in their homes in the past. This bread is made from quality wheat flour and has a pleasant smell and aroma and many people like it.

There are two types of this bread: Ishli Koke, which has kernels inside, and Yaghli Koke, which is plain. Some Turkish men eat Yagli koke with Torta (fried local butter) and after that, they pray and say may God fill all the houses with the smell of bread.

Nougat: the sweetest souvenir of Tabriz

Tabriz Nougat is a delicious and popular sweet that is made with egg whites, sugar, walnuts, honey, vanilla, and sometimes Mikado bread. Nougat is made in different ways and with different flavors in the world and in Iran. Isfahan’s Gaz, Qom, and Kashan’s Sohan are also types of nougat.

Nougat can be varied by adding other flavorings or different nuts. Nougat of Tabriz is one of the cultural and social traditions of the people of this city and is considered one of the best souvenirs of Tabriz. During Eid and celebrations, nougat is used for eating and serving. Tabriz nougat is also very attractive for the old and the young who like to eat traditional and delicate sweets.

Tabriz Souvenirs

Turkish Delight

Turkish delight, Rahat al-Holqoum (literally meaning easy to swallow), Basluq, or Lokum refers to a famous sweet and souvenir of Tabriz that can be found almost all over Iran and is loved by most children.

This sweet has a soft and delicate texture, and because it melts in the mouth and is easy to eat, it is called Rahat al-Holgom. The Turkish version of this sweet is Lokum, and it is slightly different from Iranian Basluq. In Iranian Basluq, in addition to sugar, water, rose water, and flour, a little lemon juice and gelatin powder are also used to harden its texture.

After making this sweet, it is sprinkled with coconut or pistachio powder and decorated with walnut kernels. This popular sweet is mostly consumed by Iranians on different holidays and usually on Yalda night.

Angosht-Pich Candy

Angosht-Pich candy is served in Tabriz during Nowruz. It is easily made with egg yolk, chopped walnuts, vanilla, powdered sugar, and pistachios. It may be interesting for you to know that this sweet has many fans in all cities of Iran and even the world. It is exported to Turkey, Iraq, England, Russia, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and the Emirates.

Baklava: A Tabriz Souvenir that You Must Try

Baklava is a Turkish and Turkmen sweet that is made in a special and delicious way in Tabriz. It is mixed with light sweet syrup after cooking and is very sweet and delicious. Baklava is made with cardamom, rose water, milk, flour, egg yolk, and pistachio.

Tabriz Souvenirs

If you travel to Tabriz, you must taste the baklava of this city. Baklava in Iran is also produced in other provinces such as Qazvin, Yazd, and East Azerbaijan, each of which has its own characteristics and is different.

But the common point of all Iranian baklavas is that they are full of energy and nutrients with almonds, pistachios, and walnuts, and they pair well with Iranian tea. Baklava is one of the souvenirs of Tabriz, which is very popular among everyone.

Ghorabiyeh: Tabriz Souvenirs Served in Official Ceremonies

Ghorabiyeh is one of the souvenirs of Tabriz. It is a traditional Tabriz sweet cookie that is made with almonds, which are its main ingredients, along with sugar, egg whites, and pistachios. There is also coconut Ghorabiyeh which is made with coconut powder. This sweet is baked in Tabriz and also in Qazvin and Zanjan, Republic of Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Ghorabiyeh in Tabriz is an expensive sweet that is used for official ceremonies.

Eris: The Rosary Chocolate

Eris or Reis is a sweet and delicious food of Tabriz, which resembles a rosary because of its shape. This is why some people call it rosary chocolate. This sweet with its delicious and unique taste has attracted many people.

Made by sticking together, Eris is available in two colors: white and brown. The main ingredients of this delicious Tabriz souvenir include milk, sugar, glucose, powdered milk, baking powder, vanilla, butter, and, if you want, the brown type of cocoa powder. Eris, also called “dry ice cream”, is usually eaten with tea instead of sugar. It is sweet with a dry texture that is easily portable.

Tabriz Souvenirs

Liqvan Cheese: the Most Famous Souvenir of Tabriz

Tabriz dairy products are made with fresh sheep’s milk and therefore have a special and pleasant flavor. The Liqvan cheese is one of the most famous souvenirs of Tabriz and is known throughout the country.

Liqvan cheese is made from the milk of sheep that graze in the beautiful green pastures of this region. The village of Liqvan is called the cheese capital of Iran. Its cheese is crispy and salty and has holes and is produced with fresh milk.

This soft cheese is kept in salt water from three months to one year and is usually eaten with bread for breakfast. Liqvan cheese is a traditional Iranian cheese that is made without the use of chemicals and inorganic substances, and therefore it is healthy and delicious, and many people like it.

Handicrafts of Tabriz

Handicrafts are decorative and practical items that are often rooted in the history and culture of the region and are made by hand or simple tools. This explains why they are valuable. Buying handicrafts will be a memorable souvenir of the trip and will also help the growth, sustainability, and prosperity of these arts. Tabriz is a city full of handicrafts that you can buy as the best Tabriz Souvenirs. In the following, we will review some of the important handicrafts of Tabriz.

Tabriz Souvenirs

Tabriz Kilim

Kilim is one of the most beautiful souvenirs of Tabriz, which is made with various interesting designs. This kind of carpet is made of silk, goat hair, and sheep wool and is one of the oldest handicrafts of Tabriz. Shahsavan carpet is the name of the famous Kilim of Tabriz, which is beautified with narrow strips and large patterns.

Kilim weaving has a long history and is woven from wool, goat hair, or silk. The carpet is used to cover the wall, floor, or floor. The traditional carpet is usually woven in a rectangular shape with vegetable colors and in different sizes. Kilims are usually double-sided. Kilims are different in appearance among different ethnic groups.

Tabriz leather

Tabriz leather is one of the most famous and well-known leathers in the world, which is exported to other countries. You can visit leather shops in the city and get a leather bag or shoe as a souvenir.

Tabriz, Iran’s capital of the leather and footwear industry, has had many leather factories and workshops for the production of hand-sewn and industrial shoes since the past and supplies an important part of the country’s leather products.

Tabriz hand-embroidered shoes have been registered in the list of national works of the country. The production of hand-embroidered shoes has a long history, and an example of this art, which is about five thousand years old, is kept in the Tabriz city museum. The quality leather and artistic stitching of Tabriz’s hand-embroidered shoes are the reason for their worldwide popularity.

Carpets and Rugs Are Also Among Tabriz Souvenirs

Carpets and rugs are one of the most famous souvenirs of Tabriz, which have turned Tabriz into the world city of carpets. This art has been common in East Azarbaijan province for a long time and today Tabriz carpets are known in the world. Carpet leather is a new art found in Tabriz, which is suitable for decorative underlays and carpets and is compatible with modern home layouts.

Pottery and Ceramics of Tabriz

Pottery and ceramics are one of the handicrafts and souvenirs of Tabriz, which have been made in this city since ancient times. These pottery are made from quality soil that defines their beauty and uniqueness. A clay dish can be an interesting and unique souvenir from Tabriz.

According to the historical documents discovered about two centuries ago, pottery has been widespread in the Kouzeh Kenan and Zonouz regions of East Azerbaijan province. The pottery of the Kouzeh Kenan region is of red clay, which is popular all over the country. But Zonouz pottery is a type of white soil and is unique to several regions. It is made of a type of white clay.

The white soil mine, which contains kaolin compounds, is located in Zonouz village of Marand city of East Azerbaijan and has turned this area into the center of white soil pottery and ceramic making in the country. All the stages of making pottery are done in a traditional way and the main products are plates, bowls, cups, saucers, water pitchers, teapots, and sugarcane.

Tabriz Souvenirs

Carving Is a Precious Souvenir of Tabriz

Carving or inlay is one of the beautiful and traditional arts of Tabriz in which skilled artists work and create amazing works. You can see the carvings of Tabriz in the historical works of this city, which are used to decorate different parts. Inlay is a complex and attractive art, which is ideal to buy as an interesting and ideal Tabriz souvenir.

Toreutics: Beautiful Tabriz Souvenirs

Toreutics is the art of engraving on metals such as copper and silver. It has been popular in Iran since ancient times. This art has two different styles. One of these styles is the Tabrizi style, in which the metal is worked with the movement and pressure of the wrist and no hammer is used. Because of this, Tabrizi’s toreutics and engravings are delicate and shallow. Toreutics can be one of the best souvenirs of Tabriz that you buy.

Verni-Woven Products: One of the Best Tabriz Souvenirs

Verni-Woven Products are one of the beautiful and nomadic handicrafts of Tabriz, which is a type of carpet without lint. This art was formed about 100 years ago among the nomads of Azerbaijan. Nomadic women in Ahar and Arsbaran regions weave these one-sided underlays with a method called pood-chini. Verni can be one of the most beautiful souvenirs of Tabriz that you can buy.

Tabriz Souvenirs

Tabriz Has Every Kind of Souvenirs

We toured Tabriz together and tasted the delicious sweets of this city and saw its works of art and handicrafts. But this is not the whole story and the souvenirs of Tabriz are much more than these words. It is because Tabriz is a very rich city and has a lot to say. Tabriz, like other cities in Iran, has various delicious souvenirs.

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