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Tehran souvenirs

Tehran Souvenirs Are Both Delicious and Long-Lasting

Tehran metropolis is the third most populated metropolis in the Middle East. It is considered one of the most important tourist centers of Iran. This city has a series of tourist attractions including its palaces and museums. Tehran souvenirs also have a great variety that you can buy for yourself and your friends during your trip. Tehran, like other Iranian cities, has famous souvenirs, including delicious food souvenirs and handicrafts. In this article, we are going to introduce the Tehran souvenirs.

Tehran Edible Souvenirs

Food souvenirs always have a special place! You are not supposed to bring souvenirs only for your friends and acquaintances. You can also buy some of each for yourself and taste them. If you have a stomach like us, you definitely want to get to know the food souvenirs of Tehran as soon as possible! So, we won’t keep you waiting any longer and we will go straight to the introduction of all kinds of delicious and edible souvenirs of Tehran.

Damavand Apple: One of the Souvenirs of Tehran

Damavand is one of the cities of Tehran province. It is located in the northeastern part of the capital. Damavand has fertile soil and sufficient water resources with a suitable and favorable climate. Therefore, you can see the mass construction of villas in this area.

Damavand has many agricultural products. In the meantime, Damavand Apple has gained a lot of fame from the past to the present day. This apple is very crisp and juicy and has a unique taste. The taste of Damavand apples cannot be compared with other apples. The first bite you take of this apple, you will notice its difference from the apples of other regions.

Tehran souvenirs

Damavand apples are red or yellow. All of them have a very crispy texture. Even when you smell the apple skin, you will enjoy its aroma. Damavand apples are usually large. If you want to buy Damavand apples as souvenirs of Tehran, you should just go to Firuzkuh Road.

To access Firuzkuh Road, you have to take Babaei or Zainuddin Highway to the east and finally enter Pardis Road. At the intersection of Firuzkuh and Haraaz, go toward Firuzkuh. Continue the route for about half an hour to reach Damavand. On the side of the road, you can see all kinds of vans with apples!

Ab-Ali Ayran (Doogh)

Ab-Ali is located on Firuzkuh Road. If you are thinking to yourself, where have you heard this name before, we must say that you must know Ab-Ali because of its big ski resort. This is one of the most famous ski tracks in Tehran. In 1938, that is, during the era of Reza Shah Pahlavi, a mineral water factory was established in this area.

After that, the Ab-Ali factory was established in this area and decided to use this carbonated mineral water in its Ayran (doogh). It is interesting to know that the water in the area has some sulfur and that is why it is carbonated. Well, many of us also love fizzy Ayran and this was the initiative of Ab-Ali Ayran!

After the Ab-Ali doogh, another factory was established in this area, but it failed to compete with this factory. In addition to being very delicious and you will not find its example anywhere in Iran, this doogh also helps to digest food, regulate cholesterol, reduce uric acid, and improve the digestive system! In the past, Ab-Ali doogh containers were made of glass. But now plastic types are also produced.

Tehran souvenirs

Shahriar Raisin

When it comes to grapes and raisins, we all remember Qazvin province and Takestan County. When we cross the vineyard road, we can see the grape fields up close. Although the vineyard’s raisin and grape production capacity is very large, one of the best raisins belongs to Shahriar. Shahriar is located in the western part of Tehran. This city has many orchards. Among these, we can mention very fruitful vineyards. Shahriar grapes are very long, tasty, sweet, and nutritious. Many of these grapes are converted to raisins under the sun.

Shahriar raisins are not so-called acidic. Because of this, they have excellent aroma, color, and taste. If you go to the western regions during your trip to Tehran, be sure to visit Shahriar and buy raisins there! This raisin is definitely one of the best souvenirs of Tehran.

Plums and Lavashaks in Darband

Darband is one of the most important sightseeing places around Tehran. This villa area is located in the northern part of the capital. The Darband trail is perfect for both recreation and mountaineering. Of course, tummy time is more fun! Along the way to Darband, in addition to traditional canteens and restaurants, you will see food stalls. These stalls sell all kinds of seasonal fruits, Lavashaks, and plums. Darband stalls are so colorful and beautiful that they have become the subject of many photographers.

Tehran souvenirs

The taste of plums and Lavashaks in Darband is very unique. These and other types of pickles have a unique taste. If you taste some of these delicious pickles and remember your loved ones, you will definitely buy some of them as one of Tehran’s souvenirs.

Firuzkuh Golaj Bread

Firuzkuh is considered one of the most important resorts in Tehran. It is interesting to know that some nomads also live in this area. The nomads of this region have very delicious traditional bread. This traditional bread is called Golaj.

Golaj is prepared from a combination of wheat flour, sugar, milk, eggs, water, cinnamon, yeast, and animal oil. It is a very hearty bread and has a warm character. You can eat this bread without cheese or anything else and enjoy its taste. It can be a very good option for breakfast. Considering that Golaj is very nutritious, it will keep you full for hours. So what better way to buy this special and delicious bread as a Tehran souvenir?

Tehran Handicraft Souvenirs

Some people think that Tehran only dates back to the Qajar era. During the Qajar era, Tehran became the capital of Iran. People lived in this area before that. This is why there are traditional handicrafts and special culture in the capital.

Buying handicrafts has certain advantages. First of all, you help the survival of this beautiful and traditional art. Second, you buy a souvenir for yourself and your loved ones that will never end! So for many years, seeing these souvenirs, you will remember your favorite trip to the capital. In the following, we will introduce you to Tehran handicraft souvenirs.

Tehran souvenirs

Carpets: One of the Major Souvenirs of Tehran

Carpet weaving is one of the most important Iranian arts. You can witness the art of carpet weaving in every corner of Iran. In every city in Iran, there are artists who are engaged in carpet weaving. Carpet weaving is also very famous in Tehran. If you want to buy Tehrani hand-woven carpets, you should visit Tehran Grand Bazaar. You can buy all kinds of high-quality hand-woven carpets in the Tehran market. Just remember that the price of these carpets can be very expensive.

Tehran Leather Painting

The history of the use of leather by humans goes back to the era of early humans and cave dwellers. Since that time, people used leather to make different products. Gradually, upon entering the new era, people started looking for luxuries. Because of this, after a while, decorations on leather also appeared.

Painting on leather goes back thousands of years. In the past, tribal signs and symbols were painted on leather. Gradually, this art was mixed with the culture and customs of the people. Currently, painting on leather is considered one of Tehran’s handicrafts.

Artists paint on leather very carefully. For painting on leather, they use a brush, cutter, ruler, rapid, glue, saw, etc. Also, powder colors, alcohol as a solvent, varnish, resin, leather, and glue are usually used in making this work of art.

Some paintings on leather are done on leather products such as handbags. Others are done on one-piece leather to be mounted on the wall. There are different types of leather. The leather itself is also expensive and when they paint on it, its value doubles. So, you should expect to pay a high price for painting on leather.

Tehran souvenirs

Firuzkuh Jajims

Jajim is a type of carpet, fabric, or rug that is woven from colorful cotton or woolen fabrics. In terms of appearance, Jajim is very similar to carpet without lint. Because of this, Jajim has a lot of elegance and it is used for different purposes. Authentic Jajim is made from a woolen pattern.

Currently, in the market, synthetic yarns are used for Jajim weaving. While the people of Firuzkuh still produce yarn from the wool of their sheep. Because of this, Firuzkuh Jajims are original and very beautiful. Jajims of this city are also famous for their delicacy. For this reason, you can buy various Jajims from Firuzkuh as Tehran souvenirs.

Tehran Glass-Cut Products Serve as Top Souvenirs

Glass cutting and axe-cutting are among the popular arts in Tehran. Glassblowing is more common in Isfahan. However, glass cutting is one of the most difficult arts that can be seen in Tehran and market areas.

Glass is a very sensitive material. Glass breaks with impact and pressure. Now imagine that Iranian artists carve very special designs on glass with sharp tools. These designs can be very subtle or general. The more elegant the design, the more expensive it is. To create a delicate and beautiful design, the artist works for several days and sometimes weeks. For this reason, hand-cut glass containers are among the expensive souvenirs of Tehran. Just in case you fall in love with the beauty of these dishes and want to buy them as Tehran souvenirs, make sure to pack them well.

Tehran souvenirs

Pottery: A Beautiful Souvenir of Tehran

Pottery is one of the oldest arts in the world. In ancient civilizations, pottery was used to make various tools. Still, in many homes, pottery is seen as a symbol of history. Pottery is also popular in Tehran. If you visit the Tehran bazaar, you will definitely see different pottery.

Tehran pottery is not only decorative but also practical. For example, if you prepare a clay jar and drink water in it, it will reduce harmful suspended particles in the water. So it is a good idea to get some clay works during your trip to Tehran. Just be careful in packing and moving it because clay dishes are very fragile.

Topstitch Products

The decoration of fabric with the help of needles and hooks and colorful threads is called topstitching. This art is mostly for women and girls. They use authentic Iranian designs in embroidery. The Iranian embroidery art is divided into 5 different categories. It is a type of embroidery with colored threads, which includes crochet, pattern embroidery, and silk embroidery. Another type of embroidery with a background includes Patteh embroidery, Bukhara embroidery, and Baloch needlework.

Exquisite Carpets

If you visit the carpet market on 15 Khordad Street, you will definitely see exquisite carpets. Carpet is a type of hand-woven carpet with many details and great elegance. The artist spends a lot of time to create this work of art.

Some types of tapestries are woven with silk thread, which is considered to be the most expensive type of tapestry. A tapestry is priced based on its fineness, design, type of material, dimensions, the artist who weaved it, and several other factors. If you are traveling by plane and you are worried about overloading, you can remove the carpet from the frame and put it in your luggage. You just have to be careful that profiteers won’t fool you. Carpet is very expensive and there are machine and thread types in the market.

Tehran souvenirs

Do Not Forget to Buy Souvenirs While Staying in Tehran!

Just like other Iranian cities with different souvenirs, Tehran has its own souvenirs. Beyond the stale air and constant traffic, Tehran has both edible and handicraft souvenirs that you will not see anywhere else in the country.

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