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Shiraz souvenirs

Shiraz Souvenirs: Memorable and Delicious

The beautiful city of Shiraz has been mixed with poetry, literature, and art for a long time, but its charm is not limited only to the existence of eloquent poets. You can remember the mood of this beautiful city by traveling to the city of so-called “Narenj and Toranj”. And after visiting its historical and scenic places, you can buy the best Shiraz souvenirs for your loved ones who did not accompany you on your trip. The fact that Shiraz is a tourist destination has led to the construction of well-equipped and beautiful residences to host Iranian and foreign travelers and tourists. Shiraz souvenirs are famous for their unique flavor and exemplary quality. Along with the historical and natural beauty of this city, they are very popular among tourists. In this article, we are going to introduce Shiraz souvenirs.

What Are the Most Important Shiraz Souvenirs?

Among the most important souvenirs of Shiraz, we can mention all kinds of sweets such as Masghati, cookies, Shirazi Faloodeh, Yookheh, Shirazi halva, and Shirazi Ranginak, as well as pure and high-quality spirits, teas, verjuice, and lemon juice. Fars Province is among the important tourist destinations of Iran and has many cultural, historical, and natural attractions.

Shiraz is known as the second literary city in the world. And for this reason, it is called the artistic and cultural capital of Iran. This city is the homeland of Hafez and Saadi, and in its streets, the unique fragrance of citrus aurantium caresses the human soul.

One of the most important parts of a trip to Shiraz is tasting the excellent taste and full of aroma and freshness of its souvenirs. Making souvenirs is one of the most important parts of traveling. The edible souvenirs of Shiraz are divided into two general categories: sweets and spirits. To see the souvenirs of other cities of Iran, please see this blog post of TehranOffers. In the following, we introduce each edible souvenir and handicraft of Shiraz.

What Are the Edible Souvenirs of Shiraz?

Shiraz’s delicious and fragrant sweets are very famous and popular, and this has caused them to be prepared and sold in other cities. The taste, freshness, and quality of these sweets are much higher in Shiraz’s traditional confectioneries, as they are prepared by the professional pastry makers of this city. Are probably curious to know what are the best foods for Shiraz souvenirs? After getting to know these delicious and attractive foods, you definitely cannot ignore buying them for yourself and your loved ones. In this section, we will get to know the delicious souvenirs of Shiraz.

Shiraz Souvenirs


Masghati is one of the most famous souvenirs of Shiraz, which is known for its soft texture and unique aroma. This souvenir is actually a type of halva with a jelly-like appearance. There are different types of Masghati such as Pistachio, Crimson, and Rose.

The basic ingredients of Masghati are starch, sugar, water, liquid oil, rose water, lemon juice, and saffron. Lari Masghati is the most famous type of Masghati in Shiraz. The most important difference between this Masghati and other types is the large use of chopped nuts in its preparation.

Shirazi Cookies

Shirazi cookie is one of the original souvenirs of this city. And contrary to our common idea of cookies, it is more similar to rice bread. This very fragrant and tasty cookie is decorated with purslane and coconut powder. Shirazi cookies are often sold in a package with Masghati and they are always served together.

Unlike most cookies, Shirazi cookies are not nutty and have a long shelf life. For this reason, it is seen in the souvenir luggage of Shiraz tourists. The main ingredients of this soft cookie are white flour, rice flour, eggs, solid oil, and rose water.

Shiraz Souvenirs

Shirazi Faloodeh

Shirazi Faloodeh (noodles) is the most famous souvenir and food of this city. We suggest you try it several times during your trip to Shiraz. High-quality Faloodeh noodles are served with wonderful condiments such as cherry syrup, fresh lemon juice, and various aromatic and special spirits. These have made this delicious food very popular. Shirazi Faloodeh is sometimes served with ice cream. The interesting thing is that Faloodeh dry string (raw noodles) is also sold in the city’s confectioneries, so it is possible to use it as a souvenir.


Yookheh is one of Shiraz’s special sweets. It is prepared from several layers of thin dough, with intermediate ingredients such as cinnamon powder, sugar powder, and pistachio powder. Then the dough is rolled and cut. Kaak sweets made in Kermanshah are very similar to Yookheh of Shiraz. The only difference is that the Yookheh dough is thinner.

Yookheh is a light, energetic, and delicious sweet that is known as a snack among Shirazis. This sweet has a long shelf life. For this reason, it is one of the choices of most tourists to take souvenirs. Yookheh is prepared from local oil, wheat flour, sugar powder, eggs, cardamom powder, almond powder, water, salt, and leaven. And it is decorated with pistachio powder, almond slices, or sugar powder.

Shiraz Souvenirs

Burnt Almonds

Burnt almonds are a special and popular souvenir of Shiraz. They are obtained by boiling almonds in water and thick sugar and crystallizing the sugar around the almonds. These burnt almonds will make a great souvenir for family and friends. Burnt almonds are very nutritious and delicious and are usually used instead of sugar when drinking tea.

Shirazi Halva

Shiraz yellow halva is one of the popular souvenirs of this city. Due to its low shelf life, this halva is not very transportable to other cities and you should try it during your trip.  Rice flour, sugar, water, oil, rose water, and saffron are the main ingredients of this delicate halva. Another name for Shiraz halva is bowl halva. It is because, in the old days, people used a bowl to serve it. This halva is still served as a dessert after meals in some restaurants in Shiraz.

Shirazi Ranginak

Ranginak is a delicious and nutritious dessert from the south of Iran. People use flour, oil, dates, cinnamon powder, and cardamom to prepare Shirazi Ranginak. This sweet is usually prepared in bakeware and then decorated with pistachio powder and coconut. In the last stage, the pastry makers cut the Ranginak and sell it in different packages.

Mosht Bread

Mosht bread is one of the traditional and little-known sweets of Shiraz, which is made with a special type of dates (called Kharak) and has a warm nature. People eat this bread with tea for breakfast or dinner. Mosht bread is fried in oil and baked in an oven. The basic ingredients of this tasty and energetic dessert are oil, wheat flour, ginger, cinnamon, and dates.

Shiraz Souvenirs

Kharak Halva

Kharak is a date that is not yet fully ripe and is yellow in color. This date has a slightly sour and date-like taste. Kharak halva with its warm nature is very energetic and tonic. Khark halva is cooked and prepared in Jahrom and has high quality. This halva has a similar appearance to Sohan, and due to the presence of dates, it is prepared without additives or added sugar. Kharak halva is a rich source of fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, manganese, and copper. For this reason, it is recommended for constipation disorders, intestinal problems, and even heart problems.

Fasa Bread

Komaj or Fasa bread is a tasty sweet made in Fasa city of Fars province. The ingredients of this bread are wheat flour, sugar powder, solid oil, baking soda, ginger powder, cardamom, saffron, and sesame. All of these are warm in nature and nourishing. This crispy and delicious bread with a long shelf life has long been considered one of the best souvenirs of Shiraz.

Citrus Aurantium Extract: Shiraz Souvenirs with Healing Properties

Shiraz is known as the city of citrus aurantium (Bahar Narenj). Its alleys are filled with the fragrance of citrus aurantium flowers. In traditional medicine, the unique properties of Bahar Narenj can solve the problem of lack of sleep and have anti-cough and seizure properties. Bahar Narenj can also reduce nervous headaches, prevent heart attacks and regulate heartbeat.

As one of the most popular and famous souvenirs of Shiraz, Bahar Narenj is professionally prepared in this city. Citrus aurantium syrup has many fans. The dry flower of Bahar Narenj is another souvenir of Shiraz, which is used in the preparation of jam and syrup.

Shiraz Souvenirs

Nasturtium Extract

Nasturtium extract is one of the special and fragrant souvenirs of Shiraz. This beautiful flower, which is considered a type of autumn flower, belongs to the wild rose family. This fragrant and beautiful flower in white and pale red colors grows in gardens and along rivers. There are many properties of Nasturtium extract, such as relieving stomach pain, eliminating kidney stones, and relieving fatigue. Syrup prepared with Nasturtium extract is very useful for relieving fatigue, and creating vitality and relaxation in hot summer days.

Pussy Willow Extract

The flower of pussy willow is a shrub from the willow family with yellow flowers that grow abundantly in Shiraz. Pussy willow extract, which is obtained from the feather-like and fragrant flowers of this plant in spring, is one of the popular souvenirs of Shiraz. This extract is used to prepare syrup and it is popular in traditional medicine. Among the properties of burdock root, we can mention the strengthening of the heart, nerves, and digestive system.

Shiraz Lemon Juice

Shiraz Lemon Juice

Shiraz is famous for having citrus groves. Among the citrus products of this city, Shiraz lemon is known for its great acidity and excellent flavor. If you go to the beautiful city of Shiraz in the summer season, be sure to get fresh lemons from this city. High-quality lemon juice is a special souvenir of Shiraz and is used as a seasoning in salads, Faloodeh, and various syrups.

Shiraz Verjuice

Shiraz has many vineyards and verjuice is one of its famous and popular Shiraz souvenirs. The people of Shiraz prepare a very tasty soup with verjuice. This natural and useful product is a very suitable option for souvenirs.

Handicrafts: the Long-Lasting Souvenirs of Shiraz

The handicrafts of Shiraz are very colorful and glazed, so you can’t ignore buying them. Iranian culture and art among the handicrafts of Shiraz have an eye-catching effect and are a reflection of the spirit and civilization of Iran. Buying products made by the hands of artists is the best option for Shiraz souvenirs because of their high durability. They will help keep the memory of the trip alive for a long time in your and your loved ones’ minds. In the following, we will get to know the souvenirs of Shiraz handicrafts.

Khatam: the Best Souvenir of Shiraz

One of the most beautiful and delicate handicrafts among Shiraz’s souvenirs is Khatam Kari. This unique art is created by putting pieces of wood together. Khatam Kari dates back to the Safavid era. Among the most popular inlay products are small and large jewelry boxes and beautiful pencil cases.


As one of the most beautiful ancient monuments of Iran, Takht Jamshid (Perspolis) can be considered one of the sights and souvenirs of Shiraz. Beautiful decorative items with the design of different parts of Persepolis attract the attention of every viewer in the markets of Shiraz and are considered special souvenirs for travelers of this beautiful city. Every time you look at these handicrafts, you will be reminded of the glory and civilization of Iran and you will remember your happy memories of your trip to the city of literature and art.

Silverware: One of the Most Attractive Souvenirs of Shiraz

As you walk through the Shiraz markets, silver-plated works of art will catch your eye. Artists paint these dishes with great taste and provide travelers with extraordinary works to buy as souvenirs of Shiraz. The silver vases and sugar bowls, which have beautiful designs and very artistic miniatures on them, tempt every tourist to buy them.

Glass containers: Beautiful Shiraz Souvenirs

If you visit Shiraz markets, you will see glass containers, a piece of authentic Iranian art. One of the souvenirs of Shiraz for art lovers is the glass made by the artists of this beautiful city. Archaeologists believe that the first examples of glass-making art were found in Susa. Later this art spread in Isfahan and Shiraz. Italian crystal artists came to Iran to teach this art and gave it a new and different form.

Pottery: One of the Colorful Souvenirs of Shiraz

Pottery: One of the Colorful Souvenirs of Shiraz

Pottery is an art that has a long history and examples of it can be seen all over the world. Different designs and colors of pottery can reflect different cultures and reveal the distinction of this valuable art in different cities and countries. Beautiful and colorful pottery is also known as the best souvenir of Shiraz and has many fans among travelers of this beautiful city.

Vitreous Enamel: One of the Most Popular Souvenirs of Shiraz

Most of the copper dishes are enameled by Shirazi artists and with the help of fire, beautiful patterns and lines are created on the dishes. The age of this valuable art in Shiraz reaches 5000 years. The peak of the flourishing of Vitreous enamel, also called porcelain enamel, goes back to the Safavid era. Iranian and foreign tourists are interested in this fascinating art and put the purchase of enameled dishes on the shopping list of Shiraz souvenirs.

Felt: A Special Souvenir of Shiraz

Felting is an exhausting and difficult job. These Shiraz souvenirs are made by joining together wool. That’s why it is very time-consuming and difficult to prepare! But in the end, a beautiful and lasting work emerges that is soulful. By buying beautiful felts with a natural and eye-catching design and color, you will give a new spirit to the space of your room and keep alive the good memories of your trip to Shiraz.

Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs: Hand-Woven Souvenirs of Shiraz

Although carpet weaving is popular in most cities of Iran as a valuable art, each region has its own design. Traditional rugs are woven with natural colors and fibers. The nomads and villagers of Fars province make designs of hearts on cotton and woolen rugs and carpets.

You can buy these Shiraz souvenirs from traditional markets such as Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz and take the design and color of Narenj and Toranj to your homeland. These beautiful braids are not only a valuable and lasting gift, but by buying them, you can help the prosperity of handicrafts in villages and cities.

Mosaics: Beautiful Shiraz Souvenirs

One of the beautiful souvenirs of Shiraz is Mosaics. According to some historians, this valuable art was brought to Iran from India and has acquired an Iranian flavor. Mosaic was originally a combination of metal and wood. Indian artists used only a certain type of wood to create mosaic works. But Iranians used different woods with different colors. You can see the most beautiful examples of mosaic work in Shiraz and buy them as valuable souvenirs for your loved ones.

Ceramic Containers: Attractive Souvenirs of Shiraz

Shiraz souvenirs include colorful ceramic dishes that are made in Fars’s Estahban. Estahban ceramic pottery has been registered in the list of spiritual works of Iran. You can buy various beautiful ceramic dishes as souvenirs from Shiraz stores.

Travel and Collect Shiraz Souvenirs

Travel and Collect Shiraz Souvenirs

One of the concerns of every traveler to iran is buying beautiful iranian souvenirs. The complete introduction of the best Shiraz souvenirs with photos will help you choose the best gift. To buy souvenirs from the city of Shiraz, you can visit the traditional markets such as the Vakil market of Shiraz.

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