Where to Buy Nuts and Dried Fruits in Tehran?

buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran

Buying Nuts and Dried Fruits in Tehran Can Be a Sweet Experience

Nuts are very popular and useful and form an important part of the food pyramid. Whether you are starting a diet or detoxing your body, there are many things you can do to improve your health. Nuts such as pistachios, almonds, and dried figs are among the products that will be very attractive as souvenirs. Buying nuts in Tehran will have a special taste due to the freshness and quality of the product. However, one of the concerns of many foreigners living in Tehran is that they do not know where they can get nuts and dried fruits. In this article, we are going to answer the question, Where to buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

The destination of many of the old ones in Tehran is still the Tehran Grand Bazaar because the products have a better price and quality than in other urban areas. As Nowruz approaches, Tehran’s various bazaars are gradually getting crowded. In this market, each person is engaged in shopping separately. Tehran Grand Bazaar is one of the markets that can be considered Tehran’s nut and dried fruit. In addition to its reasonable price, this market also has a great variety in buying nuts.

15 Khordad Market

One of the busiest streets in Tehran is 15 Khordad Street, where, in addition to nuts and dry goods, there are restaurants, various fast foods, Golestan Palace, Reza Shopping Center, Nasser Khosrow Street, and Pamenar. One of the most important advantages of buying on this street is that there is a subway station inside it. This means that if you want to go to this street, you will get off with the subway exactly at your destination, and when you are done shopping, you have quick and easy access to the subway to return. On 15 Khordad Street, you can buy your desired nuts at the most suitable price.

Tajrish Bazaar

Another place that can be called Tehran’s nut and dried fruit market is the Tajrish market. In this market, you can buy any type, but the number of shops that sell nuts and dried fruits is more and their variety is also large. Also, in addition to nuts and dried fruits, you can buy souvenirs from different cities, the variety of which is more than the 15 Khordad market.

buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran

For example, in these nut shops, you can buy several types of saffron, foreign nuts, shrimp chips, dried fruit, and nuts. In terms of quality, the products are of good quality and the price of nuts in the Tajrish market is not much different from the Tehran Grand Bazaar.

Molavi Bazaar

You can get everything you need in the Molavi Bazaar. This market is one of the crowded centers for buying nuts and dry fruits in Tehran just before Nowruz. In addition, the Molavi market includes famous curtain shops for buying cloth and preparing dowry for new brides. The nut shops are located a little further from the plastic sellers’ market. That is, on the south side of the Siros intersection in Molavi, where you can get your nuts and dried fruits from this shop.

Blacksmith Bazaar

In the old days, the Blacksmith market (Bazaar-e Ahangaraan) had shops such as blacksmithing, foundry, needlework, and handicrafts. But nowadays, especially since the 1930s, this market has turned into a center for buying and selling nuts and dried fruits in Tehran. According to the people who were familiar with this market in the past, the shops of the blacksmiths’ market were made of straw and their roof was covered with a dome, of which only a small part is left now.

Khanat Caravanserai

The Khanat Caravanserai is the largest in the city of Tehran and is located on Saheb Jam Street. Khanat Caravanserai was built at the end of the reign of King Naseruddin Shah Qajar, which was left unused due to a fire that happened in 1978. Then in 2009, it was used again for the celebration of Nowruz. This caravanserai is now used as a place to buy nuts and dry fruit.

buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran

The Shops Where You Can Buy Nuts and Dried Fruits in Tehran

As we have seen, there are many centers in Tehran where you can buy nuts and dried fruits. In this section, we would like to introduce you to the addresses of shops where you can buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran.

  • Ajil Sara Tabriz. Address: Valiasr St., above the Parkway intersection, not reaching the Pessian intersection
  • Ajil Tavazo. Address: Valiasr St., not reaching Parkway, No. 2843; First branch: Niavaran, Shahid Bahonar Square; Second branch: Saadat Abad, Allameh North corner
  • Ajil Kayhan. Address: No. 95, Shariati St., Samieh Crossroads (at the beginning of Lawful St.), Tehran
  • Amirhossein Nuts. Address: No. 1088, between Ostad Hasan Bana Street and 16 Meters First, Resalat Highway, Tehran
  • Ayub Nuts. Address: Tehran, Sattarkhan, between Sattarkhan Bridge and Alstom Electricity, No. 634
  • Hooshi Sadat. Address: Tehran, 15 Khordad St., Tehran Grand Bazaar, Chaharsouk Kochuch, next to Moshir Khlot, floor 209
  • Address: Tehran, 15 Khordad St., Chaharsouk Kochuk, south side, after Molla Ali Keni Palace, floor 224
  • Address: Tehran, 15 Khordad St., not far from Bazar Bozor, P. 379

Top 9 Websites Where You Can Buy Nuts and Dried Fruit in Tehran

The expansion of businesses in the digital world has entered the field of nuts and dried fruits as well. Some people prefer to buy nuts and dried fruits in person, but other people like to buy them online and receive them at home. Certainly, the convenience of shopping is much higher in the second method. Also, if you buy nuts online, you can see the greater variety of products and the high quality that online stores provide for customers.

buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran

The advantages of online shopping are very affordable prices that various stores offer with special discounts. Fast delivery of orders is one of the most important and good advantages of online shopping. Considering that nowadays websites are very important for any business and customers can easily access them, we would like to introduce you to 9 of the best sites to buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran.

Kashani Nuts and Dried Fruits

Kashani Nuts And Dried Fruits store in Tehran has over 20 years of experience in selling dried fruit nuts and similar products to produce Iranian quality products to satisfy customers. The variety of products in this store is high, and you can buy a variety of products such as seeds, dried fruits, spices, etc. Three-day return guarantee and the possibility of paying on-site (after you receive the package at home) are other services of this store to its customers. This store sells its products both in person and offline.

Naab Nuts and Dried Fruits

Naab Nuts and Dried Fruits store is one of the largest systems for online sales of nuts and dried fruits, which has been able to gain more satisfaction from its customers by providing new services online. In addition to selling nuts and dried fruits, this store also offers online ordering of chocolates, sweets, and snacks. It offers its service in the form of placing an order with a very easy process and delivery at home in the shortest time. This store offers its services in person with 10 branches in Tehran province. In addition to Tehran province, this store is also active in Rasht, Isfahan, Shiraz, Alborz, and Hamadan provinces with 24-hour support, immediate delivery, and guarantee. Returning goods is another service of this store.

Haji Badumi Nuts and Dried Fruits

Another platform for online sales of all kinds of nuts, spices, chocolates and sweets is Haji Badoumi store. It offers its services online to reduce the additional costs and difficulties of in-person shopping. One of the good features of this store is that it is possible to order and prepare special gift packages for individuals and companies. The variety of products offered in this store is high, and with the design of a suitable user space for easy access to the products, affordable prices, and the high quality of the products, the customers are satisfied with this store. This shipment will be free of charge for orders above 500,000 Tomans.

buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran

Simishka Nuts and Dried Fruits

The name Simishka is originally a Russian word and also exists in the languages of Gilan and Mazandaran provinces, which means sunflower seeds. Simishka store has many years of history in the field of producing and distributing all kinds of nuts and snacks, dried fruits and vegetables, plants, medicinal, honey, dates, saffron, all kinds of chocolates and candies, tea, rice, beans, etc. It has tried to improve the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers, so it started its activity online in 2018. Delivery is possible from this store to all over the country. By referring to this store’s website, you can see and buy all kinds of products offered. Also, this store has three branches in Tehran province.

Mazbar Nuts and Dried Fruits

Mezbar is one of the best stores selling nuts and dried fruits, which delivers products to customers within 4 hours. One of the best and unique features of this store is the sale of various trays decorated with finger food, nuts, and various snacks based on customers’ tastes. The possibility of getting a telephone consultation for a better choice is another service that this store has provided for its customers. It is also possible to order with packages designed for organizations or companies, which is another feature of this collection for easier access. Another feature of this store for easier access is that it has an application called Mazbar. You can use the good services of this store for holiday, party, and birthday events.

Zarbar Nuts and Dried Fruits

Zarbar online store operates in the field of production and sale of nuts and dried fruits, under the supervision of Ani-tech Company, which is the first and largest production line of nuts and dried fruits in Isfahan. The variety of products in this store is very high, and with more than 1,000 items of various high-quality products, it has been able to gain the satisfaction of many of its customers. Among the services provided by this collection, we can mention the free and exclusive consultation for nuts and dried fruit decorations and the possibility of ordering from all over the country. Other goods of this store include ready coffee, souvenirs, and decorated products.

buy nuts and dried fruits in Tehran

My Ajil

In addition to providing nuts, dried fruits, and dried fruits at a reasonable price, My Ajil online store has tried to improve the diet of the community and is trying to provide a variety of nuts with high quality to customers. Some of the great services of this store are free shipping, a 7-day product return guarantee, and quality assurance. Also, in terms of pricing, it is one of the most affordable stores where you can buy nuts and dried fruit in Tehran. You can visit this store’s website to see its other services.


As the first store that completely offers its services in the form of online sales, 7-Maghz offers its products with five years of experience in the field of selling nuts and dried fruits. In addition to the supply of nuts and dried fruits, the 7-Maghz store also sends saffron and rice of the highest quality all over the country. One of the unique features of this store is that all products are packed in zipped envelopes and labeled as food grade or in microwave containers. There is also the possibility of returning products in case of dissatisfaction for any reason.

Hosseini Brothers Nuts and Dried Fruits Store

Hosseini Brothers store is one of the most reliable stores among customers with many years of history in the field of dried fruits and nuts. This store offers all its products with high quality and low prices. One of the features of this store is free shipping all over the country. Special packs are offered for different occasions so that you don’t need to buy nuts and dried fruits separately. At this store, you can buy gift packs, organizational packs, and economical nuts at affordable prices. Also, Hosseini Brothers’ daily draws and special discounts have attracted many customers. To support the consumers by the said standards products such as almond nuts, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and watermelon seeds, are sold in this store with very high quality.

Buy Nuts and Dried Fruits in Tehran from Reputable Places

In this article, we introduced some of the major shops for buying nuts and dried fruits in Tehran. If you intend to stay in Tehran for a short time, you can also buy nuts and dried fruits as souvenirs for your loved ones. You can also find other useful information on Tehran Offers such as how to access different places where foreigners need to go to make life easier for you.

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