Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran | A Complete Guide

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran: A Landmark of Modernism

Besides being the capital of our beloved country, Tehran is also one of the largest cities in Iran. There are countless large and small stores and shopping centers in Tehran, but the Palladium shopping center has won the competition for several years.

The Palladium shopping center is located in the Zaferanieh neighborhood. It is considered one of the biggest shopping centers in Tehran’s modern history. You can easily find all kinds of Iranian and world-class brands in this shopping center. In addition to the pleasure of shopping, you will benefit from services such as entertainment centers, unique cafes, and restaurants. In this article, we are going to get to know the Palladium shopping center in Tehran.

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

History of Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

The construction of the Palladium shopping center was started in 2008 and was finally opened in 2011. The name of this shopping center is derived from the expensive and very resistant metal palladium. Palladium has a silver and white color and it is considered one of the rarest metals in the world. This name is a metaphor for the specialness and preciousness of this shopping center.

The total area of this shopping center is 10,000 square meters. Its north and south sides have 11 and 13 floors, respectively. The upper floors of this shopping center are dedicated to administrative offices such as tourist, airline, insurance companies, etc. This passage also has six floors as underground parking.

The Unique Architecture of Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

In the design of this shopping center, a combination of geometric shapes is used very well. Although this structure is not very tall, the circular arches in this structure cause a visual error in the eye of the beholder and make this shopping center appear taller. The Palladium name is beautifully carved in silver-colored stone on a brownstone background.

The feature that makes the Palladium shopping center in Tehran more special is the use of large glass that is seen on the exterior of the building. This design allows buyers and sellers to enjoy the scenery outside during the day and night. In addition to providing good visibility, the presence of very large windows also has an advertising function. The installing advertising banners of different brands, attracts more passers-by.

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

Different Parts of the Palladium Complex

At the Palladium shopping center, you can buy the latest technology products from famous brands. These include diverse brands such as Apple and Samsung which are represented in this complex. Besides that, you can find a variety of other goods, from toys to clothes. In the following sections, we will review the most important of them.

General Information on Stores at the Palladium Shopping Center

Palladium shopping center in Tehran has more than 160 business units and all kinds of goods from world-famous brands are sold in it. The goods available at the Palladium stores are very high quality and the products of popular brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, JeanWest, etc., are present in this luxurious shopping center. Therefore, people who are fans of famous and popular brands can easily buy the clothes and goods they need from the stores of this shopping center.

The Palladium Cafes and Restaurants

An important part of our entertainment is eating at restaurants and trying new drinks at coffee shops. After shopping and sightseeing, you can go to one of the restaurants, cafes, and food courts at the Palladium shopping center in Tehran and enjoy their delicious food.

There are two food courts in the Palladium shopping center, one of which is located on the ground floor and the other on the third floor. The food section that is located on the ground floor of this shopping center is mostly related to snacks and all kinds of cakes, sweets, desserts, and ice cream. Also, hot and cold drinks are served in it.

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

The main food court of this complex is located on the third floor, which has a much larger seating area. Its menu includes an assortment of Turkish, Italian, fast food, seafood, Iranian dishes, etc. The high variety of food and the excellent quality of the food in this food court has caused many people to enter this complex just to eat.

Jewelry Stores at the Palladium Shopping Center

Another thing you can visit the Palladium is for buying jewelry. If you are looking for unique jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else, or if you would like to order your own jewelry design, you can visit the jewelry galleries at the Palladium shopping center in Tehran.

Among the most famous jewelry galleries of this center, we can mention Goharbin, Malekan, Golestan, Dorris, Omidvar, Sanjag, and Firooz Jeweleries, which have products for people with special tastes.

Toys Shops at the Palladium Shopping Center

Children do not leave the Palladium unsatisfied either! If you have a small child or you want to buy a gift for a kid, or even if you are a fan of intellectual and board games, you must visit one of the largest toy stores in the Middle East.

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

The Matti Loos toy store represents 200 famous and popular brands in the field of toys and has an area of about 1,000 square meters. You can find Lego, Kayola, Ronsberger, and VTech brands all in Matti Loos. Even merely seeing toys is a special pleasure and can separate you from the busy world of adulthood for a few minutes.

The Palladium Hypermarket

There is a well-equipped hypermarket on the ground floor of this mall, where you can easily buy all your home and kitchen needs. All kinds of edible goods, fresh and frozen livestock products, dairy products, and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables of the best quality are sold in this hypermarket.

Buy Food from the Palladium Store

Even if you are thinking of buying food, Palladium is a good place to shop. All kinds of sweets and chocolates, nuts, and coffee from the best brands are offered in Palladium. Apart from buying these foods in the food courts, you can have a delicious dinner or lunch.

The Palladium Pharmacy

This commercial complex has a pharmacy. In Palladium Pharmacy, there are all kinds of Iranian and foreign medicines, combined medicines, the best cosmetics and health products from reputable brands, children’s hygiene and pharmaceutical products, all kinds of food supplements, and all kinds of sports supplements.

The Palladium Bookstore

Palladium is also a good place to shop for book lovers. In addition to the library where you can use its cultural space, you can buy the best cultural products, books, and stationery at the Bookland store. Even if you don’t intend to buy, looking at books and cultural products can be an attractive and pleasant experience.

The Palladium Library

The Palladium complex benefits from a modern and well-equipped library where all kinds of cultural, historical, and artistic books are available according to every taste and age. Book lovers can read their favorite books in this relaxing place.

It should be noted that sometimes events related to book reading with the presence of writers and artists are held in this library, which attracts the attention of art people and people. Also, many cultural and artistic events are held in this library every month.

Sports Clubs and the Palladium Pool

The Palladium shopping center in Tehran not only offers the most diverse sales services to its customers but also tries to provide the best services in terms of culture and entertainment. On the sixth floor and south side of this commercial complex, there is a sports complex with an area of more than 2,000 square meters, which has a gym and swimming pool and is equipped with the most modern sports equipment in the world.

Various sports classes are held in this complex, the most important of which are yoga, bodybuilding, freestyle wrestling, Pilates, tai chi, Zumba, spinning, body gym, body attack, and TRX. Also, various types of massage services are provided in this part.

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

Palladium Children’s House

Another attractive part of the Palladium shopping center can be considered the children’s house, which is very cleverly and appropriately designed for it. Malls have always been boring places for kids. Fortunately, you can take your beloved children to the charming children’s house section of the Palladium Mall. Parents can safely hand over their children to the professional and experienced trainers of the Palladium Children’s House and start shopping.

Also, an equipped and portable amusement park has been designed and built in this complex, which can create an attractive and unrepeatable memory for your beloved children. It is interesting to know that every year on October 8, on the occasion of World Children’s Day, a celebration called “Palladium at Childhood” is held at Palladium Children’s House, which is full of exciting events for children.

The Palladium’s 3D Printing Store

There is a store called DOOB in the Palladium Mall that can make 3D prints of people, animals, and objects in different dimensions and sizes and surprise you as beautifully as possible. You can make a 3D print of yourself or your family members by going to this store and giving a different gift to your friends.

Other Parts of the Palladium Shopping Center

There are special and diverse centers in the Palladium Shopping Center, which makes it different from other arcades and shopping centers and makes it one of the most attractive shopping destinations in Tehran. Some other features of Palladium are as follows:

  • Pars Plus Music Gallery on the third floor in the south
  • Nan Dinja Cafe on the middle third floor
  • Pharmacy
  • Carwash
  • Laundry
  • Travel Agency

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

Address and Working Hours of Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

The palladium shopping center is located on the street Moghaddas Ardebili, before Alef square. The working hours of different sections of the Palladium shopping center are different. Business units are operating from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, restaurants and cafes from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and supermarkets from 09:00 AM to 10:30 PM. The entrance door of this shopping center will be closed on Saturdays to Wednesdays at 10:30 PM and on Thursdays at 11:00 PM.

How to Access the Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

This luxury and beautiful commercial complex is located in Zaferanieh, the best and most pleasant part of Tehran. There are three ways to access the Palladium shopping center which we will mention below:

By Your Own Car

To get to the Palladium by your car, you need to go to the Valiasr St. Then after the Parkway Bridge (before Tajrish Square), go to the exit on the left side of Valiasr St. towards Zaferanieh to enter Moghadds Ardebili St. After passing through the Moghaddas Ardebili St., you will reach Arouzi alley, where the parking lot of the Palladium is located.

You can also enter Alef St. from South Chamran Highway, a bit after the Parkway Bridge. Then enter Alef St. (after Alef Square), and then enter Magddas Ardebili St. Next, continue towards the parking lot of the Palladium Complex.

By Taxi

You can take a taxi to go and visit the Palladium Shopping center in Tehran. After going to Tajrish Square, you should use the taxis that go to the Zaferanieh neighborhood to take you to the Palladium complex.

By Subway

The closest subway station to the Palladium is Tajrish Square station on line 1. You need to get off at Tajrish station and take Velenjak taxis going towards Zaferanieh to reach the Palladium shopping center.

Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran

Pay a Visit to the Palladium Shopping Center While Staying in Tehran

As a large and modern city, Tehran hosts many shopping centers and commercial complexes, some of which are the most luxurious and modern ones in Iran. The Palladium Shopping Center in Tehran is one of the largest, most famous, and most modern shopping centers in Iran. It is located in the Zaferanieh neighborhood. The variety of stores in this complex and the beautiful architecture of this center attract the attention of every viewer.

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