Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran | A Modern Complex

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran: A Landmark of Modernity

Tehran is considered one of the best cities for shopping with many modern shopping centers in different areas. In addition to having stores and business units, these centers have provided a variety of comfort and entertainment facilities for shoppers to have a good time. The Galleria shopping center in Tehran is considered one of the most luxurious shopping centers and sightseeing places in the city.

It is located in the Velenjak neighborhood. This shopping center started working in 2016 and has two commercial and northern buildings. Robokids amusement park, children’s cinema, and cinema campus are among the facilities of this shopping complex. In this article, we are going to introduce the Galleria shopping center in Tehran and the comfort and entertainment facilities of this complex.

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

How Was the Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran Built?

The Galleria shopping center was built in 2016 on a land area of 4,000 square meters and with an infrastructure of more than 32,000 square meters. It was designed by the Sahih Nassab Brothers Engineering Group. This center has two buildings: the North (the North Building) and the South (the Commercial Building), which are connected through parking ramps.

Quality building materials, travertine stones, waterjet stones, and granite stones have been used in the construction of the Galleria shopping center. The entrance of this complex has gained special grandeur with high columns. Patterns of plants and pine trees can be seen on the top of the facade of the building. To reduce energy consumption and parking management, the BMS intelligent management system is used in this complex.

It is noteworthy that the Galleria shopping center in Tehran has the largest handmade chandelier in the Middle East. This chandelier is designed and made in the form of a sculpture and Art Deco style, derived from nature, and has a height of 31.8 meters and a diameter of 2.5 meters.

The Galleria chandelier is made of stainless metal with black plating and is decorated with gold-plated balls made of first-class polished brass. The Dutch company Brand Van Egmond was responsible for the construction of this chandelier and its construction was completed in three months.

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

Floors and Stores of the Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

The north building of the Galleria shopping center has 6 double floors, eight parking floors, and three storage floors. Its commercial building includes five commercial floors, one food court floor, two restaurant floors, and eight parking floors. Details of each building and floors are as follows:

  • North Building: Energy Club, Beauty Salon, Dr. Osiya, Italian Embassy Agency, and job search agency
  • -2 floor: car wash and Zip Zap tailoring
  • Ground to 4th floors: 42 commercial units including different brands of clothing, jewelry, cinema, and the Robokids amusement park. Second Cup Cafe, on the 1st floor is the first Canadian Second Cup branch in Iran. All its products are imported directly from Canada and offer the best coffees to its customers
  • 5th floor: Galleria food court is located on this floor and includes eight food units including Iranian and international dishes
  • 6th floor: Shandiz international luxury restaurant cafe is located on the 6th This floor has a covered area of 1,100 square meters and a terrace with a movable roof of 580 square meters. It welcomes customers with a beautiful view of Tehran
  • 7th floor: On this floor, there is the Rubel restaurant cafe with two indoor spaces and a roof garden

The Galleria Shopping Center Facilities

The Galleria commercial complex has considered special services for its customers, which we see in a few complexes. Among these services, Galleria Surprise, Galleria Express, and CIP can be mentioned.

The CIP service is also a customer service whose members can have a dedicated parking space, permanent reservation of the cinema campus, cafe and restaurant, transportation service, on-site delivery service, and many other exclusive services and be part of the special customers of this shopping center.

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

The Radio Galleria is another facility of this shopping center that you can listen to 24 hours a day and live in your free time by playing music and various other programs. Other facilities of the Galleria shopping center in Tehran include the following.

The Galleria Food Court

In the Galleria food court, you can enjoy a variety of delicious Italian, Iranian, Mexican, Lebanese, and Asian dishes. In this complex, Viona Express Cafe, Regina, Albeek (grill), Dante, Green Bar with vegetarian and seafood dishes, Galleria Burger with delicious burgers and paninis, Small House with a variety of international dishes, grill, pizza and pasta, and Kebabika restaurant are available to customers.

The Galleria Children’s Cinema

The Galleria shopping center has a special cinema for children. Movies, animations, and cartoons for children are shown in this cinema. In addition, in the Galleria children’s cinema for kindergartens and educational groups, programs such as competitions, the presence of puppet characters, and music have been considered.

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

The Galleria Cinema Campus

In addition, for the first time in Iran, Cinema Galleria has a dedicated VIP lounge, where you can request movies of the day in Iran and the world. Then you can determine the time of play and rest, receive a reception and watch the desired movie with your family and friends. The Galleria shopping center’s cinema campus is one of the most modern cinema campuses in the north of Tehran and Iran. This cinema complex is built on two floors and has 6 theaters and screens the movies of the day of Iranian cinema.

The Galleria Robokids Amusement Park

One of the entertainment facilities of the Galleria shopping center is Robokids amusement park, which is located on the fourth floor, unit 409. Robokids is Iran’s first robotic park and an interactive and story-oriented amusement park. In this indoor playground, children play with robots that came to Earth from the planet Rubunos and learn about the world of technology.

The Galleria Surprise

At the Galleria shopping center in Tehran, you can surprise and make your loved ones happy on various occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, college graduations, and graduations. This surprise is done with the help of the employees of the complex and using all the facilities of the passage. Galleria Express is another service that you can order directly from the menu of all the restaurants and fast foods of this food complex.

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

The Galleria Shopping Center Parking Lot

If you go to the Galleria shopping center, you can park your car in one of its parking lots. It has eight floors of dedicated parking with a capacity of 550 cars. This parking lot is intelligently managed and has high security.

Sights around the Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

If you move a little to the north, at the end of Velenjak Street, you can go to Bam Tehran. The highest point of Tehran where you have a complete view of the city. If you are interested in photography, it is better to go here after sunset to see Tehran with all its lights. Some of the attractive sights around the Galleria shopping center in Tehran are the following.

The Tochal Resort

Tochal entertainment and sports complex with entertainment and welfare facilities such as cable car, the roof of Tehran, ski lift, ski slope, Tehran sled, climbing path, and health road, and the hotel is one of the best entertainment places near Galleria shopping center.

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

Sa’dabad Complex

The cultural and historical complex of Sa’dabad with the remaining palaces from the Qajar and Pahlavi eras is one of the sights around the Galleria shopping center. By visiting this complex, you will get to know the history and contemporary culture of Iran.

The Time Museum

The Time Museum is considered the first museum of measuring and displaying time in Iran. This museum is located in the historical and beautiful house of Hossein Khodadad. This house dates back to the Qajar era. All kinds of old Iranian and foreign watches from countries such as France, Switzerland, England, and Germany are displayed in this museum.

Where is the Galleria Shopping Center?

Galleria shopping center is one of the best shopping centers in Tehran, which was opened in 2015 and includes two commercial and office buildings. This shopping center is located in Velenjak and has many stores and various entertainment facilities. Its location is No. 5, at the end of East 13th St., Velenjak, Tehran. To access the Galleria shopping center in Tehran, you can use either of the following:

  • Express Bus: Access to the Galleria shopping center is possible using public transportation. You can take line number four of the fast buses (South-Afshar Terminal) and then get off at the gas station and go to the Galleria shopping center
  • Subway: Tajrish metro line number one is the closest station to the Galleria shopping center. After that, you can take the taxis that go to the resort and get off in front of the entrance of this complex
  • Personal vehicle: If you want to go to the Galleria shopping center with your vehicle, you should go to Velenjak and then go to the 13th Street

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

Velenjak Neighborhood, Hosting the Galleria Shopping Center

Velenjak Tehran is one of the neighborhoods in the north of Tehran city. This area is located in the foothills of Tochal and the two districts of Tehran Municipality. In the following, we would like to inform you about the zero to one hundred neighborhoods of Velenjak in Tehran, if you want to buy an apartment in Tehran or rent an apartment in Tehran. If you lived in this neighborhood, choose your favorite house with a more open view.

This neighborhood is connected to Tochal Heights from the north, Chamran Highway from the south, Velenjak and Zaferaniyeh rivers from the east, and Darakeh from the west. According to the latest census of Iran, the population of this neighborhood was equal to 22,742 people. Among the important places of this neighborhood, we can mention the roof of Tehran, Tochal cable car, Shahid Beheshti University, and Summit Hall.

Tochal cable car is one of the tourist and sports attractions of this neighborhood. The resort cable car construction project, in cooperation with the French company Puma, started in 1974 and was opened in 1979. This recreational and sports place is located at the end of Velenjak Street and 3 km from Tajrish Square in the Shemiranat area.

Amenities of Velenjak

Unlike other areas in the north of Tehran, Velenjak is very regular in terms of street construction and the development of alleys. In the Velenjak block drawing as standard, the fields are correct, and the allies are carefully set.

To rent a house in the Velenjak neighborhood, one of the basic points in this field is to determine the price, the age of the building, and the proximity to the main street. Newly built houses in Velenjak are relatively more expensive than other houses, for example, the houses on 14th, 16th, and 12th streets are expensive. And there are two reasons for this high price.

Galleria Shopping Center in Tehran

First, it should be noted that the houses on these streets are newly built. Second, being close to Negin and Yasaman Park is one of the important features of these buildings and is involved in their price increase.

There is very good weather in the Velenjek region. There are many welfare, educational, medical, and sports facilities in Velenjak. For example, Taleghani State Hospital and Ramtin Hospital, which operate privately, are the important hospitals in that region.

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If you are looking for a shopping center that has luxury goods, beautiful architecture, and easy access, be sure to visit the Galleria shopping center in Tehran. Even if you do not intend to buy, seeing the space of this complex will be enjoyable enough.

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