Mashhad Souvenirs | A Guide on How to Make Your Trip Memorable

Mashhad Souvenirs

Mashhad Souvenirs Are One of a Kind

Many people like to take home something small as a reminder of their travels, something to show where they’ve been, something they can look back on and remember the wonderful experience they had during their trip. Not to mention, displaying such a memento from Mashhad around the house can be a great conversation starter for your guests. Besides, shopping for souvenirs is part of the fun vacation experience. Also, people tend to bring home many gifts new things from Mashhad for their friends, relatives, and colleagues. It’s actually a good way to show that while you’ve been away from them on your trip, you remembered them. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Mashhad souvenirs.

Saffron: One of the Famous Souvenirs of Mashhad

One of the most valuable souvenirs of Iran is saffron, which is actually the main souvenir of Mashhad. This valuable plant has various properties and today it has many fans in different parts of the world.

It is interesting to know that saffron is also produced in other countries such as Italy, Spain, and America, but the quality of none of them reaches the saffron produced in Iran. This plant, which is one of the most delicious souvenirs in the world, is known as red gold and tourists are willing to pay a lot for a small amount of it. Iran is considered the largest producer of saffron and for this reason, saffron is one of the main export products of Iran. It is interesting to note that this plant is also cultivated in different parts of Iran, but the best type is grown in Mashhad (Khorasan Province), and half of Iran’s saffron is produced in Mashhad. So it is the most important souvenir of Mashhad.

Mashhad Souvenirs

Saffron Has Numerous Properties

Saffron is used as a coloring and flavoring agent in most Iranian foods. Also, the herbal and therapeutic properties of this plant have caused it to be used in the treatment of many diseases. The main properties of this plant can be treating depression, being anti-cancer, and rejuvenating the skin.

It should also be noted that Iranians were one of the oldest consumers of this plant. They introduced it to other people of the world such as Romans, Chinese, and Greeks, and exported this plant to different regions. In addition to its food and therapeutic uses, saffron is also used in other industries such as textile, leather, and dye industries. The four distinguishing features of high-quality saffron as souvenirs of Mashhad are:

  • It is red in color
  • It is very fragrant
  • If you put a piece of saffron on a gas flame, it will turn purple or orange
  • If you squeeze the saffron between straw paper, it will not leave a fat stain on the paper

Mashhad Souvenirs

Mashhad Spice

Spices are one of the main flavorings in Iranian food, especially traditional food. Each of these flavorings is usually sold separately. One of the popular spices that is sold in Mashhad is Haft Qalam spice, which is prepared from the combination of sumac, angelica, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, and red fife, and is one of the popular souvenirs of the city.

This combination is also used in making pickles. The properties of this compound are anti-cancer, soothing, and facilitating digestion. Many restaurants in Mashhad or, in some cases, fast food eateries in Mashhad use these pure spices to prepare their dishes. But you can try the taste of these spices in the food mostly in restaurants offering traditional dishes.

These spices are placed separately next to each other and have beautiful coloring and appearance. It should be noted that to use Haft Qalam spice, you must mix it before use. People can buy this spice by kilo or package and give them to their friends as Mashhad souvenirs. Mashhad also has other famous spices such as 18-color spice. Tourists can also buy this spice from the stores in different parts of this city.

Mashhad Red Barberry

The colorful and edible souvenirs of Mashhad do not end with one item. Barberry is one of the other famous souvenirs of this city. This sour-tasting food is considered one of the most popular food flavorings among Iranians, and its main use is in barberry pilaf (Zereshk Polo in Persian). Barberry, in addition to its various edible uses, also has therapeutic properties.

Khorasan province is the most important producer of barberry in Iran. Barberry is sold in two types, puffy and pomegranate. The puffy type of this food has a more beautiful appearance and is suitable for parties. People can buy barberry from special shops selling food souvenirs in this city, it should be noted that barberry is usually given as a souvenir along with saffron.

Don’t Miss Out on the Sweets of Mashhad!

Noghl is one of the traditional and popular sweets among Iranians, which is usually consumed with tea. Khorasan Province is one of the famous producers of Noghl in Iran. Today, this delicious sweet is known as one of the souvenirs of Mashhad.

Noghls are produced in different types with flavors such as coconut, saffron, cocoa, and walnut. Another sweet food that Iranians are very fond of is candy. Rock candy (Nabaat in Persian) is usually used to sweeten various drinks such as tea and soft drinks. Today, rock candy is produced in different forms such as pieces or packages.

Mashhad Souvenirs

Mashhad is also one of the main producers of rock candy and today this food is known as a souvenir of Mashhad. Tourists can buy rock candy from different parts of this city. One of the best types of rock candy is the saffron rock candy, inside of which saffron branches can be seen. Lahijan tea with Mashhad saffron rock candy, and Khuzestan dates is a delicious authentic Iranian combination.

When buying gifts, usually the first people who come to our mind are the little ones. Usually, children wait for us and their gifts the most. But sometimes it is difficult to choose a souvenir for children. Among other edible souvenirs of Mashhad, we can mention Jelly Belly Candy which children love it. This candy is actually a type of colored chocolate that has a structure similar to pastels.

Mashhad Traditional Dried Fruit

As it was mentioned earlier, the number of edible souvenirs in Mashhad is very large. One of the other delicious foods available in this city is dried fruit (Khoshkbar in Persian) which can be considered one of the souvenirs of Mashhad.

Mashhad Souvenirs

The traditional dried fruit of Mashhad includes Items such as peas, raisins, pistachios, and plums. It should be noted that among these items, peas and raisins are more popular among tourists and most people buy only these two items as Mashhad souvenirs. It is interesting to know that the most popular dried fruit among the people of Mashhad City is leafy fruit.

Stoneware Dishes

Another souvenir of the city of Mashhad that has its own fans is the stone pots and pans that are hand-carved with special tools. These types of pots are called Har Kaareh among the locals, which means versatile, due to their numerous uses. The non-patterned type, which is cheaper, is suitable for cooking, and due to its stone, the food is cooked with gentle heat. Glazed and painted types are both decorative and ornamental.

A type of stone called serpentine is used to make these containers. One of the characteristics of this type of stone is its resistance to fire. Also, the main reason for the popularity of these dishes among different people is that the food is cooked gradually in it. Tourists of Mashhad can buy these stone vessels from different markets of the city and give them as souvenirs. Also, the best place to buy Har Kaareh dishes is the Kooh Sangi Bazaar.

Eastern Redbud-Weaving: a Lasting Souvenir of Mashhad

Handicrafts and traditional crafts of each city are considered one of the most important souvenirs of that region. Eastern redbud weaving is actually the interweaving of thin branches of the eastern redbud shrub, which is usually used to weave baskets. Eastern redbud-weaving is one of the popular occupations among the natives of Mashhad, which today has attracted the attention of many people.

Mashhad Souvenirs

To weave the basket, these people first collect eastern redbud twigs, branches, and leaves and place them in a moist environment. This softens the pieces and then prepares them for weaving. Tourists can buy eastern redbud-woven items from handicraft shops in different parts of Mashhad.

Turquoise Jewelry

Neishabur turquoise was an ornamental stone from ancient times, which was used in the court of kings to decorate, make dishes, and as a gift. Now, go to any market in Mashhad and you will surely find a number of turquoise sellers or turquoise carving workshops.

Due to the popularity of turquoise among the souvenirs of Mashhad, unfortunately, fake turquoises that are actually compressed plastic or colored stones have increased. For this reason, it is better to refer to old and reliable sellers.

Several benefits have been said for turquoise stone, but the most important property of turquoise is relaxation. Looking at the turquoise blue color is relaxing. This property has made rings with turquoise gems, turquoise eye stones, turquoise rosaries, etc. quite popular.

The turquoise stone is sold in the market in combination with all kinds of handicrafts and works of art. If you are looking for an exquisite gift, we recommend turquoise-copper dishes. If you want to buy turquoise stone, you will find turquoise shops and markets near most Mashhad hotels and residences.

Mashhad Souvenirs

Rugs and Carpets: Popular Mashhad Souvenirs

The nomads of the Khorasan Province and the countries near Mashhad have been weaving rugs or carpets to cover the ground, walls, and roofs of tents since ancient times. Now carpets are more decorative and even expensive types are hung on the walls of the house. There are different types of rugs with different designs. In Mashhad, all kinds of bags are also sewn with the same rug texture.

Mashhad Kilims

The art of Kilim weaving is considered one of the most authentic handicrafts of Iran, which can be seen in different regions. In many villages of Khorasan, Kilim weaving is especially popular among nomadic women.

Kilims are woven from silk, cotton, and hemp threads in different designs and colors. They have various animal motifs and designs inspired by nature. In Mashhad, some bags are also produced from Kilim. Woven Kilims are sold in the traditional markets of Mashhad. The Afshar, Sumak, and Turkmani Kilims are famous varieties in Khorasan Province.

Mashhad Pickle

Mashhad pickle or Mashhad salad is a delicious combination of tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, celery, aromatic vegetables, and various spices. The main difference between this pickle and other types is in boiling tomato juice with vinegar, which gives a different taste in the final composition.

Bukhara Plum: One of Mashhad Souvenirs with Sweet Taste

Another souvenir of Mashhad is its delicious foods such as Bukhara plums. The gardens of this city are famous in Iran in terms of area. Sweet and high-quality Bukhara plums are one of Mashhad’s famous souvenirs, which also have countless properties. This type of plum is used in delicious dishes such as chicken, Fesenjan, and stuffed chicken. We suggest that you buy this Mashhad souvenir and enjoy its delicious taste.

Felt-Woven Souvenirs of Mashhad

Felt weaving is an ancient Iranian art in which felt products are produced from sheep’s wool. The process of producing felt is very difficult and time-consuming and requires strong and skilled people.

This art is done in traditional home workshops by professional artists. Products such as hats, clothes, pads, and underlays are made from felts. Felt products, especially underlays and pads, have many fans. You can buy these products from handicraft stores in Mashhad.

Mashhad Souvenirs

Mashhad Souvenirs Will Make Your Loved Ones Happy

For those who visit Iran, the souvenirs of Iranian cities are attractive to them. Mashhad is one of the densely populated cities that has its own souvenirs. Whenever you travel to Mashhad, don’t forget to buy souvenirs from this city. Mashhad souvenirs can be anything, from an agate ring to Noghl, saffron, Jelly Belly, and Mashhad’s famous rock candy. Don’t underestimate these things, many tourists from different countries go to Mashhad to buy them. You should see the quality of Mashhad souvenirs to know what we are talking about.

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