Notes For Accommodation in Tehran (Part I)

Accommodation in Tehran

Need to find a place to stay in Tehran for a few months and look for a furnished apartment?
The accommodation offered on Tehran Offers is ideal for employee accommodation on a business trip or corporate apartments, ex-pats in business flats, digital nomads needing fully furnished apartments for rent, and even Erasmus students who need university summer accommodation. We offer fully furnished apartments with Wi-Fi directly from the owners and other landlords. With Tehran Offers, you can find an apartment for rent for two weeks, a month, or even one whole year. All utilities are included in the rent. Our offer is varied and consists of both affordable rentals and luxury accommodation. After Booking, you can feel free to move right into your new place.

About Tehran

Do you wish to find a rental in Tehran? Tehran is a charming city located in Iran. With Tehran Offers, the inhabitants of Tehran are pleased to welcome you, whatever the reason for your rental (tourism, travel, business travel, internship, studies, etc.). The site is at your disposal to help you find a furnished rental in Tehran or a private room in Tehran. What’s the difference? By renting a room with the inhabitant, you mainly rent a space within the housing of the inhabitant in Tehran. Finding a furnished rental in Tehran is like renting a studio, an apartment, or even a house in which the owner is also living in the property. The rentals will have obligatory equipment that makes each a “furnished rental” in both cases. For shorter stays, our platform also allows you to search for a guest room in Tehran or bed and breakfast in Tehran, near the tourist places of Tehran. On the occasion of a holiday rental in Tehran, you can visit its essential sites and also stroll around the city. You will be able to walk along its most famous avenues and streets. Another possibility: you are looking for accommodation in exchange for services in Tehran? Tehran Offers Real Estate offers you rentals for services such as childcare, help for the elderly, school support, home help, intergenerational housing, student help, babysitting, cleaning, etc.

Rental apartments and rooms near me in Tehran and surrounding areas. Find the best one to live in for a few months.

When it comes to long-term or monthly apartment rentals, some prefer cheap accommodation in an affordable studio apartment for rent; others want a luxury apartment. You will find two apartments available to rent right away, at least in our offer. Among the rental apartments in the city of Tehran, specifically in the Tehran area, there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer a single room for rent in the urban hustle and bustle of living in peace in a suburban neighborhood where you can look out at the surrounding greenery from your balcony and also have your workplace nearby.

Rental apartments and rooms
Rental apartments and rooms

New apartments and rooms for rent in Tehran and surrounding areas. 

Tehran Offers works directly with real estate owners who want to utilize their properties for monthly apartment rentals without a real estate agency. On the profile of each landlord, you can see what they’re like and how previous tenants have rated them. At Tehran Offers, we have set up particular principles for rentals for a few months, so you won’t have to pay a deposit to the owners or other landlords. We are a real estate agency, Also an innovative company which transfers the whole renting process to the online sphere. Many of the rental apartments in the Tehran area have been personally viewed and photographed by people from Tehran Offers, who then created virtual tours for them. This is one of the reasons we can guarantee that each accommodation offer gives you accurate information. Do you prefer a flat for rent in a building with an elevator, or do you like to take the stairs to improve your fitness? In the description of each apartment, you will always find complete information about the facilities it includes.

The best rental apartments and rooms in Tehran. Rated by the tenants themselves

If you’re looking for accommodation in Tehran and want to be sure you won’t be disappointed, you’re in the right place. The following rentals are the best to choose for your stay in this location. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cheap room for rent, like a backpacker’s accommodation, a one-bedroom apartment, or a luxury studio apartment. The tenants enjoyed living there for a few months and made sure to share their impressions in their rating of the apartment they rented.

Recently rented apartments in Tehran and surrounding areas

Our happy tenants have just rented these beautiful apartments in Tehran. Gather inspiration for your accommodation search; you can also rent an apartment with us. The most affordable rental offer in the Tehran area is available for only 550 $ for 30 days, and the price already includes all utilities and Wi-Fi.

Furnished rent to foreign or corporate guests

Large companies and organizations always recruit these people from other cities or countries to attract specialized and elite forces. Currently, in Tehran, many companies and public or private organizations host elites worldwide. Tehran Offers Real Estate is fully prepared to host your foreign or domestic guests in Tehran And provides an apartment with all accessories and furniture in renting a furnished apartment to your company or your guests.
This rent depends on your needs for different periods and at least one month.
Furnished apartment for rent for one month in Tehran:
In some cases, when your guest is staying for one or two months or the expiration date is not clear, We recommend renting a furnished apartment for one month.
In this type of contract, the rental price is usually slightly higher than the three-month or six-month contract. A one-month lease usually includes a letter of commitment and a letter of credit from the equipment.
Furnished quarterly apartment for rent in Tehran:
This type of contract is recommended for companies or individuals who are confident. They intend to stay in Tehran for at least three months or more. Furnished units, the file of which is placed on our site, are suitable for long-term and even annual stays. And from this point of view, we recommend you rent a furnished apartment for a long time by this team. The rental price in three-month contracts is slightly lower than the monthly rent. So if your company’s guest schedule is specified for three months, We will recommend this option to you.
Six-month furnished apartment for rent in Tehran:
In many cases, your guest has a more extended plan to collaborate, which may last from six months to a year or more.
Tehran Offers Real Estate guarantees that:
The rental price in this contract is the same as the annual one and is much more reasonable than the one-month or three-month rent of the apartment.

Living in the city of Tehran is for employees, nomads, and students alike.

Everyone prefers a different type of accommodation. For that reason, Tehran Offers has prepared a selection of the best rentals in Tehran, whether you’re looking for student accommodation preparing for your Erasmus adventure, an ex-pat in search of a fully furnished apartment, a family looking for a two-bedroom flat for rent, or a digital nomad who needs mid-term accommodation in different locations as you regularly change up where you work to maximize productivity. Below, you will find a list of the best rental apartments in Tehran which will suit you perfectly.

Apartment Rent Payment Policy in Tehran, Iran

Renting the apartments in Tehran may be a little different from other countries for foreigners. Because most foreigners, especially diplomats of foreign embassies, prefer to rent furnished apartments and cannot pay expensive deposits like local people. One of the owner’s conditions is to receive the monthly rent every three months. It means that the tenant should pay the 1st three months in advance when signing the contracts, and the second three months are paid again in advance at the beginning of the 2nd three months or in 7 days. It should be considered that because the apartments are rented fully furnished, the rent payment should not be paid less than three months in advance.

Some foreigners can pay the monthly rent six months or one year in advance. If the tenants can accept this condition, it has two advantages which are very helpful and essential:

  • The first one is that Tehran Offers Real Estate can ask the owners for a discount on rent and ask the owners to reduce the monthly rent. The value is not specific, but our Agency can do their best for more discount.
  • The second advantage is that our Agency can offer the luxury apartments of high quality in this condition because payment of six months or one year in advance is very charming for the owners.

Suppose an expatriate intends to rent an apartment in Tehran, especially north of Tehran, and you have different conditions except the condition has been explained above. In that case, you can email or Call Us, and we will help you as soon as possible. We will propose to you the best properties regarding your request and condition. It should be mentioned that the number of Real Estates that have experience working with expatriates/foreigners is a few in Tehran. Most of the International companies, foreign companies, and Embassies in Tehran know Tehran Offers Real Estate as a well-known real estate in Tehran. Tehran Offers Real Estate and has a good reputation among foreigners in Tehran. Please investigate this claim and in this case.

Who can rent real estate in Iran?

 Foreigners can rent property in Iran, but they need to abide by local laws and customs. Rules are strictly enforced, including:

  • Women must cover their heads with a headscarf in public and wear a sleeved tunic
  • Men should wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts
  • Relationships between Muslim women and non-Muslim men are forbidden
  • Homosexual behavior, adultery, and sex outside of marriage are illegal under Iranian law and can carry the death penalty
  • Alcohol is forbidden

Also, unmarried male and female partners living together are looked down upon by Iranians as it is considered ‘breaking down of the family.’ Hence, it is best to respect the local customs as this is also potentially punishable by law.

Types of property in Iran

 You can choose between furnished or unfurnished rental accommodation. According to Tehran-Lux-Furnished, furnished units tend to be for shorter stays as most people with long-term housing prefer to have their belongings around them. They tend to be in larger multi-story blocks, with the managing companies overseeing the furnishing of the units. The power and water are frequently included in the rent in furnished accommodation, so the tenant is not required to set up those accounts. Some furnished apartments have everything down to the cutlery and sheets, and some are more basic with furniture and appliances only. It is worth considering taking out contents insurance on furnished apartments to cover any damage or wear and tear. Ensure you have a detailed list of all inclusions and photograph the contents to prove the condition when you moved in.

How to rent property in Iran

 Employers tend to organize rental accommodation for their employees if they are from overseas, but you can sort out your accommodation. To help you with your property search, your employer or your home country’s embassy should be able to recommend a real estate agent such as Tehran Offers Real Estate. Foreigners can choose between public housing and private. Public housing is not associated with low-income families and is usually in complexes in self-contained neighborhoods with access to transport and amenities. Sheltered housing is more expensive and can be an apartment, condominium, or bungalow, and most landlords prefer to accept a corporate lease to guarantee a consistent rental income.

Renting property to foreign nationals and all legal points

A well-known rule in civil law and transactions is that concluding a contract of sale, rent, or anything else does not require such formalities. This is, of course, amended in special laws.
For example, for renting a property, it is said that it should be signed in writing and signed by two people, but even if these are not, there will be no interference with the validity of the lease.
Another point is that sometimes the formalities and observance of some cases are related to the contract’s validity, which interferes with the agreement’s validity. Sometimes, these formalities and other issues are not related to the fact of the contract. The contract is valid without it.
For example, buying and selling land and property with an official document is essential, but it can also be traded with an ordinary promissory note, and the contract is valid.
Here we want to talk about renting property and housing by foreigners.

Renting property to foreign nationals
Renting property to foreign nationals

Terms of renting property to foreign nationals

In law, given the sensitivities that exist, There are restrictions for foreign nationals.
For example, according to the law on how to manage free trade-industrial zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Article 24 and Note 1:
The sale of land to foreign nationals is prohibited, but land lease to foreign residents is permitted. Also, the ownership of any land in any name in foreign investment is not allowed according to the Law on Encouragement and Protection of Foreign Investment.
On the other hand, according to the law on the acquisition of immovable property of foreign nationals approved in 1310, foreign nationals’ addition of any arable land to any extent is not allowed.
However, foreign nationals’ acquisition and real estate purchase have special formalities.

But what about renting property and housing?

In other words, what are the restrictions if a foreigner wants to rent a property for residence or a shop for business?
In this regard, what needs to be said is that if foreign nationals enter into a lease, this lease is valid. The cases of its invalidity are limited to the same general conditions of eligibility and maturity and…
On the other hand, the lease must be with the government’s permission; there must be a license.
Explaining that real estate consultants must obtain a legal license to rent property to foreign nationals, and if they do not do so, legal action will be taken.

Permit for renting foreign nationals

Consultants and real estate agents prohibit leasing between a landlord and a foreign national without a permit. They must obtain a “housing rental permit” from the General Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigrants for such rent.
Therefore, real estate consultants must complete the “housing rental permit” form in case of concluding a lease agreement with foreign nationals, and after inquiring from the General Directorate of Citizens and Foreign Immigrants and confirming the inquiry, to terminate the lease.

Result of concluding a lease agreement with foreign nationals without a license

Here, if the consultants and the real estate company do this, they will be responsible professionally and professionally, and the company may be sealed for concluding such a contract.

But what is the ruling on a contract?

Here the contract is valid, the foreigner’s agreement with the landlord remains good, and there is no logic to invalidate it due to non-compliance with the permit and formalities.
Therefore, if the tenant and the landlord enter into a contract without referring to the company, It will not be a problem again.
So, Foreign nationals in the country have restrictions on owning or renting real estate, which they really should be, because real estate is part of the country, and its possession is prohibited except in some instances. However, there is no prohibition on renting, and it is necessary to obtain the required permission and formalities in this regard.
What if the real estate firm enters into a lease agreement between the lessor and the foreign national; It is necessary to obtain a license as described above. If it does not, it will have its guarantor guarantee.
Regarding what will happen to the contract if the permit is not obtained, it should be said that Eid is valid, and the obligations of the parties are reasonable.

Do you own a property in Tehran?

Are you a landlord looking for tenants? Are you tired of short-term rentals? Try a new concept of mid-term rentals with Tehran Offers – rentals from 1 to 12 months.

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