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Rent car in Tehran

How Can Foreigners Rent A Car In Tehran?

It is safe to say that rent carservices in Tehran have many advantages for foreigners because when a foreigner enters another country, they can rent a car to get around so that they can do their work without any worries. On the other hand, some foreigners tend to use high-quality cars when they are in another country, and the model of the car is very important to them, and they want to pay a good price for this.

These people are suggested to use luxury car rental services. Car rental companies generally provide high-quality services for renting luxury cars with insurance and excellent conditions so that customers can make the most out of their services. There are several ways to get to know these companies, which we will explain, and then we will introduce the best car rental companies in Tehran.

Rent car in Tehran

Documents Required To Rent a Car for Foreigners in Tehran

One way to own a luxury car for a few days is to rent a car. These cars can be rented from special companies that operate in this field, but first, we need to know the conditions of renting a car and the necessary documents so that we don’t get into trouble later, in this section, we explain all these issues.

You need to go through a series of steps to be able to rent a car. The first step you take to rent a car is to prepare the necessary documents. According to the company providing car rental services, their required documents may be different from each other. But in general, the documents required to rent a car in Tehran include:

  • Being at least 20 years old
  • Having a valid driver’s license with a minimum time validity of six months
  • Providing a document to verify the place of work or residence of the lessee
  • Providing a valid ID card

Rent car in Tehran

Car Rental without the Need for a Check for Foreigners in Tehran

Another point that foreigners should consider when renting a car in Tehran is the required financial documents. In the past, most of the companies providing car rental services received a check as a guarantee for renting a car, while today, with the expansion of the companies providing car rental services, they no longer need to provide a check as a guarantee for renting a car.

So, what kind of proof should you provide to the company as a guarantee for renting a car? Foreign nationals only need to hand over a copy of their passport to the car rental service provider to be able to rent the car.

How Do Foreigners Need to Pay the Deposit?

Another aspect of renting a car for foreigners in Tehran is to pay the deposit. A deposit is a cash amount that is paid to the car rental service provider as a guarantee. The deposit is received from the customers at the time of signing the car rental contract. It creates confidence between the customer and the company in question, this makes the company responsible for the rented car.

The deposit of each car may be different from another car, for example, the amount of deposit for Hyundai cars is different from for Benz cars. After the end of the car rental period, if the customers are not interested in extending the car rental period, the deposit amount collected at the beginning of the contract will be fully returned to the customer.

Rent car in Tehran

Main Criteria for Choosing Car Rental Companies in Tehran

First, you should pay attention to the location of the car rental company, reputable companies have a valid license and a signboard to introduce their business. You can check the resume and records of reputable companies by inquiring and finding out about their credibility.

Reputable car rental companies are required to place their license where it can be seen by customers, so if you do not see this license in a company, ask the authorities for it and if you see that they refuse to show it, simply do not use their services. The characteristics of reliable car rental companies are listed in the following:

  • No additional fees: reputable companies adhere to legal tariffs and do not charge additional fees from customers
  • Proper car delivery: These companies do not rent dirty cars with poor technical conditions to customers
  • Compliance with the health and safety of customers: in these companies, the car is checked for technical health before delivery to the customer
  • No problem in returning documents: If you give documents to car rental companies, there will be no problem in returning them
  • Having licenses from unions: At the beginning of their activities, reputable companies receive the necessary licenses for their business

Best Car Rental Companies in Tehran

Many people rent cars for different needs in Iran. There are unreliable institutions that cause you to have a bitter experience of renting a car. In order not to fall into the trap of these fraudulent people, you should go to known companies.  In what follows, we will introduce some of the best such companies in Tehran.

Rent car in Tehran

Bani Rent Rental Company in Tehran

Bani Rent started its activity in 1991 and has introduced its slogan as the best car rental agency with a global style. This company has obtained the business license and the official code of the Tehran Car Rental Union.

There are various models of domestic and foreign cars in this center and the efforts of all the people of Bani Rent are to provide quality services to the people. For this purpose, experts are available to customers for free consultation. You can rent cars with or without a driver, wedding cars, vans, and other luxury cars through this company.

Address: No. 240, Shariati Street, Bahar Shiraz, between Soodmand and Roshan alleys, Tehran

Contact number: 0912-2938339

Renital Car Rental Company in Tehran

Renital is one of the first car rental service institutions in Tehran. This company started its activity in the 2000s and now has a high history in the field of car rental. This company has different types of Iranian and foreign cars and thus has made the choice easier for customers. Using the services of this company, you can rent cheap cars, wedding cars, vans, and Sonatas. Rentinal cars can be rented with or without a driver.

Address: 2nd Floor, Unit 204, Irfan Tower, West 17th Alley, Bakshaish St., Saadat Abad, Tehran

Contact number: 021-88564552

Rent car in Tehran

RentKonim Car Rental Company in Tehran

One of the best companies for renting all kinds of cars in Tehran is Rent Konim. It offers a variety of services in line with the car rental industry. In this company, it is possible to rent a car of your choice with a driver. Also, another feature of this company is the possibility of renting a car in cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Kish, and Karaj. Go to the Rent Konim website and after choosing the city and car model, pick it up in your city.

This company has international agencies in Dubai and Turkey, which provides the conditions to rent cars in foreign countries. Car rental conditions for Iranians and non-Iranians are written on the company’s website, which you can read. The cars that we can rent from this company include car rental with or without a driver, wedding car rental, Santa Fe rental, Toyota Land Cruiser rental, van rental, and Chinese car rental.

Address: Shamim Building, No. 15, Natiq Nouri Street, Ashrafi Esfahani Highway, Tehran

Contact number: 0912-8005848

CafeRent Car Rental Company in Tehran

Cafe Rent was established in 2014 and in 2020 it managed to continue its activity online. It is one of the first and best international car rental companies in the Middle East, which has a brilliant history of nearly 8 years. This company helps you rent a car easily and provides different services at airports, hotels, cruise ports, train stations, etc. You can choose your favorite option among the available luxury and economical cars.

Among the advantages of renting a car from Cafe Rent, we can mention the possibility of daily, weekly, and monthly rental of all cars, easy conditions for online booking and prices suitable for people’s budgets, providing a complete list of Iranian and foreign luxury cars and fast and timely delivery. The cars in this company have full liability insurance. When you rent a car, you will get 24-hour support, it is possible to change the car, and assistance services can be done on all roads and within 30 minutes.

Address: Office Unit 1, 2nd Floor, No. 1, in front of 20-meters Golestan, Oxin Commercial Complex, Jannat Abad Central, Hemat Highway, Tehran

Contact number: 021-49934

Rent car in Tehran

SaadatRent Car Rental Company in Tehran

Saadat Rent provides the possibility of renting a car with the best price and easy conditions. This company has managed to get the first place in customer satisfaction. There are a variety of quality cars with different models in this company that you can rent according to your needs in different cities of Iran, because it has an active agency in most cities of Iran. Saadat Rent cars can be rented with or without a driver. If you rent a car from this company, you will get a special discount if the rental period is extended.

You can rent Saadat Rent cars in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Rasht and Kish, and if you are outside Iran, in Baku, Dubai, Turkey and Oman. Among the features of Saadat Rent, we can mention brand new car rental, assistance in less than 30 minutes, and car delivery throughout Iran, providing tax-free invoices, fully online car rental booking, and having international CWD insurance.

Company address: No. 3, 3rd Niloofar Street, Farsad St., Taavon Blvd., Shahreziba, Tehran, Iran.

Contact number: 0912-8005948

Rent car in Tehran

CaspianRent Rental Company in Tehran

Caspian Rent’s goal is to develop various services in the field of car rental. In this company, you can rent all kinds of cars with or without a driver for a few hours or a few days. The services provided by Caspian Rent include bridal car rental, bride and groom car escort services, bridal car flower arrangement and bridal bouquet, transfer, and airport formalities, which has a history of nearly 6 years in this field.

This company has more than 100 luxury and ceremonial cars, foreign, Iranian, and Chinese cars at reasonable prices. All people who have the necessary conditions and also tourists who have traveled to Iran can benefit from the services of this company. The cars of this collection are of high quality and are washed and disinfected before delivery to new customers so that people can use them safely. One of the main features of this company is to provide complete third-party and body insurance for all cars so that you do not suffer heavy damages when in case of accidents.

Address: Homa Hotel, Shahid Khodami Street, Vanak Square, Tehran

Contact number: 021-88198403

Sorena Seir Rental Company in Tehran

Sorena Seir has a history of nearly 15 years and is aware of the needs of customers, so it provides the services they need. Also, the cars of this company are rented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and you can use them according to your needs.

One of the features of Sorena Seir is the observance of health precautions during the COVID-19, the insurance of all cars to prevent heavy damages, the possibility of quick car rental, immediate delivery of cars, providing technical service and instant support. You can rent the cars of this center without a driver, also cars are rented as bridal cars.

Address: No. 22, Unit 7, Anahita Street, Jordan, Tehran

Contact number: 021-88785704

Find the best Rent carCenters in Tehran

If you are a foreigner in Tehran and want to rent a car at a reasonable price for your daily work so that you can avoid using public transportation and taxis, you can go to the car rental companies and use their services. When you visit these companies, their personnel will offer you the right cars, taking into account your budget and conditions. The important point to keep in mind is that the company from which you rent a car in Tehran must be reliable and have a good experience in this field so that you can easily trust and apply for a car rental.

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