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Tehran International exhibition center

Tehran International exhibition; the epicenter for showcasing technology breakthroughs

An international exhibition is a kind of economic plan for the import and export of goods in a country. At the Tehran International Exhibition Center, various companies around the world will be able to not only offer their services and products in Iran but also become familiar with the knowledge and technology of Iranian companies and interact with the unique Iranian market. On the other hand, continuous promotion and marketing are one of the most important tools and methods for creating a boom in international markets, and these can be implemented at international exhibitions.

Tehran International exhibition center

The International Exhibition Company of Iran is one of the most important commercial and economic companies in Iran. The company has created a suitable framework by setting up professional and international exhibitions for manufacturers, and domestic and foreign businessmen, utilizing unique spaces, facilities, equipment, and professionals. Companies are not only expanding their capabilities but also expanding their commerce, and joint and international investments in the permanent venues of the Iran International Exhibition. The permanent location of the Tehran International Exhibition as one of the country’s most important business and economic centers has a number of facilities to serve the public.

History of Tehran International Exhibition Center

The establishment of the Tehran International Exhibition Company dates back to 1959. The company’s aim was to further facilitate communication between domestic and foreign industries and showcase Iran’s capabilities to the world. After researching various areas, today’s Tehran Exhibition Land was designated in 1965 for the construction of exhibition halls and office halls. The exhibition began shortly after the budget was allocated, making it one of the largest and best international exhibitions in the world.

In 1967 it hosted its first international exhibition, the 21-day Asian Exhibition with participation from 33 countries. Since then, the exhibition process has developed smoothly, and Tehran has become one of the most beautiful exhibition centers in the world.

The Tehran International Exhibition is a member of the UFI Union (International Federation of Exhibitions) and the BIE (World Federation of Exhibitions). At present, the exhibition has hosted dozens of conferences, events, seminars, exhibitions of achievements, etc. at home and abroad. The main duties of the Tehran International Exhibition Company are:

  • Conducting professional private and international trade exhibitions in Iran and abroad
  • Cooperate with the Federation of World Expos, accept its membership, participate in relevant seminars and conferences, and form such a community under Iranian laws and regulations
  • Exhibit and showcase the industry, minerals, agriculture, technology, and technical services of Iran by setting up and managing exhibition centers and booths inside and outside the country

Tehran International exhibition center

Company Mission

Iran’s International Exhibition Joint Stock Company is the first and most important symbol of the country’s exhibition industry. The company is dedicated to meeting the needs of international gatherings in the field of the exhibition industry, meeting the needs of participants and visitors, establishing and delineating industrial achievements and production, mining, agriculture and commerce, technology, and engineering services.

In this regard, the exhibitions’ activity patterns include:

  • Take advantage of world-class technology
  • Using the power of a professional and efficient knowledge base in the field of trade fair management
  • Use of experienced and experienced business partners in the field of trade fair management
  • Standardization of the provision of exhibition services and activities
  • Identify and meet attendee and visitor operational needs
  • Use of Iranian and Islamic cultural symbols in exhibitions
  • Development of the national trade fair industry through the exchange of experiences


Acivities of the Exhibition

Due to the scope of the Tehran International Exhibition Complex, important events are held every year in various sectors of Iranian industries in this complex. In order to respond to the traffic load of various visitors to this exhibition, the way of holding events has been changed from setting up comprehensive and focused international exhibitions to international exhibitions with specialized topics. In this way, by distributing the time of holding these exhibitions in different months of the year, the volume of one-time visits to the exhibition has been reduced.

The most important annual event of this complex is the International Construction Industry Exhibition, which attracts many visitors from all over the world every year. Likewise, specialized exhibitions are held throughout the year in this complex in various fields of industries including electrical, electronics, mechanics, decoration, building, oil and petrochemical, computers, textile, food industries, animal husbandry, tourism, advertising, and healthcare. Also, the introduction and supply of products to the neighboring countries have been in many specialized fields of manufacturing and engineering.

Tehran International exhibition center

Number of Halls at the Tehran International Exhibition

The Tehran International Exhibition Center has 38 exhibition halls covering a space of approximately 150,000 square meters. These halls are clustered to the east, west, and south of the Tehran Exhibition. It’s best to use a map to find the halls. Also, before visiting the exhibition, find out where the hall is to enter the exhibition through the appropriate entrance for quick access to the different halls and the parking lot.

Facilities of the Tehran International Exhibition Center

There are many amenities for the convenience of exhibitors and visitors at the Tehran International Exhibition. Some of them are as follows:

  • Bank to provide bank services
  • Exhibition Customs to provide customs services
  • Insurance (the Exhibitions Company, in collaboration with one of the insurance institutions, has arranged to be based on the insurance exhibition at the exhibition site to serve the participants’ needs)
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shops
  • Shipment of goods (including crane, lift, forklift)
  • Customs Services (Clearance)
  • Phone, Fax, Internet, Wireless Phone
  • Speech lounge
  • Printing house for printing and reproduction
  • Greenhouse to supply ornamental flowers and plants for participants and visitors
  • Grocery store
  • Booth and equipping booth services
  • Fire Stations
  • Red Crescent
  • Parking lots in the north, west, and south of the exhibition
  • Providing online registration services
  • Provide visitors with registration services
  • Holding virtual exhibition

Tehran International exhibition center

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Due to the scale of the Tehran exhibition and the high number of visitors, there are several large and well-equipped restaurants within the exhibition, which are used by organizations for celebrations and also for general visitors who participate in the exhibition. It will be a great option for both Iranian and foreign businesses. Among the restaurants in the exhibition, the “Great Restaurant” (Restaurant Bozorg) is the most famous and largest one, offering visitors a wide variety of menus.

In addition to this restaurant, Green Hill Restaurant (Restaurant Tappe Sabz) and Restaurants 10 and 11 are also suitable for lunch. Green Hill Restaurant has a diverse menu of Iranian and foreign dishes, making it an attractive proposition for ex-pats. Mizban fast food restaurant, aka Boof, is also popular with tourists. The restaurant offers a variety of hot and cold fast food for lunch. The only restaurant with the option to order dinner for one in addition to lunch is the exhibition’s Great Restaurant. This restaurant does not serve dinner for the general public.

Other Amenities: Conference and Concert Halls

Apart from the offices and exhibition halls, the Tehran International Exhibition Center has two large conference and concert halls on its premises, which hold conferences, seminars, and concerts independently of the main activities of the international exhibitions. Designed for conferences and events, the Persian Gulf Hall, for example, hosts numerous national and international conferences and seminars each year.

The center’s high-end facilities are a positive feature that many businesses have used to celebrate. The Milad Conference Hall, one of the largest concert halls in Tehran, is well known for holding large concerts. Both halls are located in the northwest part of the exhibition. The hall also houses a restaurant. You may access these halls from the south and main exhibits.

Tehran International exhibition center

Things to Know About Tehran International Exhibition Center

  • More than 50 years since the start of the exhibition
  • The Tehran Exhibition is one of the oldest and largest exhibitions in the Middle East
  • The total area of ​​the exhibition exceeds 850,000 square meters, with much of it being indoor space
  • The Tehran International Exhibition center has facilities such as customs clearance services, restaurants and cafes, banking services, and insurance
  • The northern area of ​​the Tehran Exhibition is home to the Milad Concert Hall, which usually hosts the most important concerts in Iran.
  • More than 35 hectares of the exhibition are dedicated to green space, making it one of the most beautiful international exhibitions in the world

Visit Guide to Tehran International Exhibition Center

In the past, May was the best time to visit the Tehran International Exhibition due to the International Book Fair. But now it works almost every week. Some of these exhibitions are regular and are held almost every year.

Currently, the International Handcraft & Carpet Exhibition held in September each year and the Elecomp (electronics and computer) Exhibition in June are good opportunities for the general public to visit the Tehran International Exhibition. Of course, there are also specialized exhibitions for entrepreneurs and skilled workers throughout the year. For those who want to enjoy the exhibition alone and see the latest developments, the facilities of the Tehran International Exhibition are available all year round.

Tehran International exhibition center

Exhibition Calendar

Before visiting the Tehran International Exhibition Center, you should check the exact times and locations of the exhibitions in the various exhibition halls. The Tehran International Exhibition Center has a large site, so it is difficult to access without knowing the exact location of the hall. For example, you can use your car to reach the most famous exhibition halls Persian Gulf, Milad, and Halls 35-41. To do this, you need to enter the main and south doors of the exhibition.

You need to check the exact times of the various exhibitions in the exhibition calendar. This way you can be prepared to visit at a specific time before heading to the exhibition. All events held are per the official calendar of the Tehran International Exhibition Center. Since various exhibitions are held throughout the year, the Tehran International Exhibition is open to dear guests and visitors every day from 9 am to 17pm.

How to Get to Tehran International Exhibition Center

Tehran International Exhibition is located near the Chamran Highway, north of Tehran. The exhibition is surrounded by Chamran Highway. There are 3 doors to the north, south, and west to enter the Tehran exhibition Center from 5 streets and the main street.

Tehran International Exhibition Center North Entrance

The entrance provides access directly south of the Chamran Highway. You can also enter the car park through the north entrance of the Rashid Fazlullah. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can access the Parkway Bridge via the pedestrian bridge from BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) line 7 or its parking lot, and then enter the Tehran International Exhibition Center through the north entrance.

West and South Entrance

The west entrance is on Seoul Street and is ideal for access to the southwest parking lot and the west part of the exhibition (including the Mirad Hall Conference Center). Finally, the exhibition’s south entrance, or the exhibition’s main entrance, faces the Revolution’s main entrance. To get to this doorway, take the Niyayesh Highway onto Seoul Road and finally take a special road to reach the South Door.

Tehran International exhibition center

In short, you may access the Tehran International Exhibition Center through one of the following ways:

  • The southwest door: Niaish Expressway – Seoul Street to the north – Exhibition Exclusive Road – First Entrance
  • The south door: Niayesh Highway – Seoul Street to the north – the end of the exclusive exhibition road – in front of the main door of the Enghelab (Revolution) Club
  • The north door (entrance to the multi-story parking lot): Chamran highway to the south – after the gas station – the road next to the crossing
  • The north door (pedestrian traffic): Chamran highway towards Parkway intersection – International Exhibition Pedestrian Bridge
  • The north door (Entrance No. 2 of multi-story parking): Yemen St. – Rashid Fazlullah St

Enjoy your stay

If you plan to stay in Tehran and want to see the technological developments of the world’s top companies, visit the Tehran International Exhibition. There, you will benefit from all the facilities of this center and have a good time.

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