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Where To Find the Best Yoga Classes in Tehran

You are mistaken if you believe that Tehran, the capital city of Iran, does not have any yoga studios or lessons available to its residents. Many individuals in Tehran who are interested in Yoga have learned about this spiritual practice by participating in training courses that were held in countries (especially in East Asia, which is the cradle of Yoga). They have been able to be of substantial assistance to those who are interested in Yoga via the establishment of yoga classes in Tehran. The most fantastic yoga courses in Tehran are going to be discussed in this article from Tehranoffers. The fact that the instructors at these programs are competent in English has made it much simpler for diplomats and other expats to join Yoga classes in Tehran.

Yoga Classes in Tehran


Tehran’s yoga studios may be found in the northern neighborhoods, which benefit from a more pleasant environment than the city’s core districts. With just a little bit of renovation, yoga instructors have been able to organize great lessons in the heart of Tehran’s bustling city, which is made possible by the area’s sprawling mansions and breathtaking scenery. Before we get into the specifics of where to find the finest international yoga classes in Tehran, let’s first discuss the advantages of taking part in yoga courses in congested cities such as Tehran.

Benefits of Taking Part in Yoga Classes In Tehran

The ancient art of Yoga has been more popular in Iranian society’s health culture during the last ten years. Every luxurious neighborhood in Tehran has a large number of yoga studios, as well as classes offered in gyms and unlimited private yoga teachers who are available for hire. In addition to strengthening the body and burning calories, Yoga has been demonstrated to increase positive moods, energy levels, and mental clarity.

Yoga Fastens Your Recovery

Yoga may benefit everyone’s physical and emotional health, regardless of age or degree of fitness. You may also include Yoga into your treatment plan if you presently have a condition, are recovering fully from surgery, or are a patient who has a persistent illness in order to hasten your recovery.

Yoga Increases Melatonin level

Regularly practicing Yoga before bed may assist you in setting the proper mental and physical conditions for falling asleep and staying asleep. One of the results of recent research is this. You could discover that you have more mental and physical energy, a better feeling of awareness and enjoyment, and fewer negative emotions after adopting regular yoga practice into your routine.

Yoga Is A Natural Anti-Depression Supplement

According to the National Institutes of Health, evidence shows that doing Yoga in big cities is helpful for managing stress as well as for mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss, and quality sleep. Attending yoga classes in Tehran might reduce feelings of loneliness and provide an environment that is good for social support and healing. Participants experience less loneliness even in one-on-one sessions because they are regarded as unique people who are acknowledged, listened to, and given a chance to take part in the creation of unique yoga practices.

Best Yoga Classes In Tehran

Tehran is one of the busiest cities in the world, and living there need strong physical and spiritual conditions. From air pollution to heavy traffic, there are numerous reasons why you must join one of the best Yoga classes in Tehran. As a foreigner, you should bear in mind that not all the yoga courses in Tehran are beneficial for you since their instructors can’t communicate with you in English. We have gathered a list best international yoga classes in Tehran suitable for expats, foreigners, tourists, and also diplomats. Before that, let’s find out about the benefits of taking part in yoga courses in Tehran.

Yoga Classes in Tehran

Personal Yoga coach

If you are looking for an International Certified Fitness Trainer to work with a group or an individual, let us introduce Parinaz Najd. She has been working as a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer since 2010 (in Dubai and the UK) and can deliver various types of workout:

  • Functional training (TRX, Rehab, Weight Training)
  • Yoga (Gentle, Flow, Power and Swing)
  • Cardio and Circuit Trainings

For more information,

you can contact her on WhatsApp on iMessage number: +989903858458 – Instagram ID: parinuts


FAEQ Iyengar Yoga Center

FAEQ Iyengar Yoga Club is an official and specialized Iyengar yoga center under the supervision of Reza Arjamannejad, the official Iyengar yoga instructor from France and a member of the French coaches union. The yoga classes at this center are based on the following:

  • Asana: asanas were said to provide both spiritual and bodily benefits
  • Pranayama: The yoga technique of concentrating on the breath is called pranayama. Prana is the “vital life energy,” while Yama is the action of taking control in Sanskrit. As prana is connected to the breath in Yoga, pranayama is a technique for enhancing the prana shakti or life forces
  • focusing on alignment as well as detailed and precise movements
  • Using tools (straps, belts, chairs, ropes, blankets, etc.)
  • Developing endurance and correcting strength of the body by stretching and emphasizing flexibility
  • Calming your nerves down
  • Preparing the body and mind to work in optimal conditions

Address: FAEQ yoga classes in Tehran are held on Khovardin Blvd of the Shahrak-e Gharb neighborhood

Yoga Classes in Tehran

Mehravaran Academy

If you are looking for woman-only yoga classes in Tehran, Mehravaran Academy must be suitable for you. If you enroll at Mehravaran Academy, you may choose from the top 10 instructors and take part in various yoga courses. The unique yoga trips in the open spaces and mountains close to Tehran are one of the benefits of enrolling in this institution. This center is also one of the best choices for foreigners living in Tehran since it has skilled yoga instructors who speak English with ease. Yoga classes in Tehran that are held at Mehravaran Academy are:

  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Iyengar yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Bikram yoga
  • Yin yoga

Address: Mehravaran yoga classes are held in Ekbatan town, located in the west of Tehran. To access Ekbatan, you can use various metro stations like Ekbatan, Eram Sabz, and even Azadi Square.

Yoga Classes in Tehran

Atr-e Mehr Academy

If you are an international student, diplomat, or expat living in Tehran and are interested in taking yoga courses, the Atr Mehr Yoga Academy is another excellent choice for you to consider. Since 2010, Atr-e Mehr (meaning The fragrance of affection) has been considered to be one of the most reputable yoga facilities in Tehran due to the presence of highly trained yoga teachers. The teachers at the Atr-e Mehr center all have advanced degrees in fields like Yoga, physical education, and psychology, and most significantly, they are all comfortable speaking English. The Atr-e Mehr Academy is able to provide the highest-quality yoga classes in Tehran since it is located in the upper part of the city of Tehran.

Address: Atr-e Mehr Academy, which holds the best yoga courses in Tehran, is located on Valiasr Street between Elahiyeh and Zafaraniyeh neighborhoods. To reach this academy, you must go to Ladan Street in the Tajrish district.

Yoga Classes in Tehran

Zafar Yoga Center

In Tehran, one does not have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to participate in genuinely beneficial yoga courses. The Zafar Yoga Center in Tehran provides yoga classes on a variety of days during the course of each and every week. It is highly recommended that you pay Zafar studio in Sarv Square a visit if you are looking for high-quality Yoga courses in Tehran. They offer a program called “Anti-Desk Yoga,” which is intended to alleviate the stresses that are associated with working in an office setting. The Zafar Yoga Center provides lessons of gentle flow yoga that concentrate on relaxing the shoulders and improving posture. These programs are designed to improve flexibility, relieve tension, and energize participants.

Address: Zafar Yoga Complex is located in the Saadat Abad neighborhood in the second district of Tehran.    No. 38, Asman 6th DE, Asmanha St.,  Sarv Square, Saadat Abad.

Aftab Yoga Center

If you are looking for one of the most extraordinary yoga centers in Tehran that have first-class instructors and is easy to access, Aftab Yoga Center is the right option for you. This center is famous for holding all kinds of yoga classes in Tehran – from beginner to advanced – in a charming and energizing atmosphere. At Aftab Yoga Center, all kinds of yoga disciplines are practiced. You can even get a free consultation about choosing the best yoga class before registering.

Address: Aftab Yoga Center is located in the Vanak neighborhood.

Niloofar-e Abi Massage and Yoga Center

Niloufar-e Abi (Lotus) Yoga Center is the first official and specialized spa and massage center in Iran with Thai staff. By joining the big family of Lotus Club, you can take part in yoga classes and use the spa and Thai massage facilities of this center. In Niloufar-e Abi, there are more than 15 yoga instructors, 25 female and male masseurs, and more than 30 different types of classes in Tehran’s various neighborhoods.

Yoga Classes in Tehran

There are dozens of different classes offered at each of the four Niloofar-e Abi locations, and their primary goal is to help you select the one that is most beneficial to you. Because of their welcoming attitude, they are a popular option not only among pros but also among younger children, teenagers, mothers, and elderly yoga enthusiasts.

Address: Lotus Yoga Center has four different branches in Iran, the main branch of which is located in the Farmaniyeh neighborhood in the Pasdaran district of Tehran.


Tehranoffers; If You Want to Experience An Extraordinary Life In Tehran

As you have seen in this post, most yoga classes in Tehran are held in the northern neighborhoods of this great city. This is because the northern neighborhoods of Tehran have more suitable conditions for Yoga and peaceful and pleasant life. As a foreigner who is not familiar with different neighborhoods in Tehran, you can count on our help. In Tehranoffers, we are ready to find the best houses in the north of Tehran for rent – even for a short time – for you. Our services – in terms of finding the best houses to rent – to diplomats, expats, foreign students, and even tourists who need to stay in Tehran for a while will be outstanding.

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