Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran | Top 10 Hair Dressers in Tehran

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

These days, in every alley and street, you can find some beautiful salons with different slogans and promises. Maybe it happened to you in the past that you came out of the barbershop with dissatisfaction. Nowadays, with all the variety in hairdressing salons, you must get first-hand information from reputable references about beauty salons before visiting and paying money. We are here to introduce you to the best beauty salons hair stylers in Tehran, which are worth every penny you spend. If you are one of those expats, diplomats, or tourists living in Tehran and want to know where you can find the best hairdressers in Tehran, stay with us at Tehranoffers.

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

What Does It Look Like To Visit A Beauty Salon In Tehran

A trip to the beauty salon may be a significant part of a woman’s week in modern Tehran, Iran, especially among members of the urban high classes who live in the cities. It’s a chance to catch up on the most recent news or celebrity gossip, much as people would do at a Hamam in Turkey, a market in Peru, or a bar in Australia. It’s a social event. In point of fact, there is a constant hum of chatter throughout beauty salons.

Some people are having low-key conversations between the manicure stations, while others across the room are laughing and having fun. Visiting beauty salons hair stylers in Tehran is definitely a critical chore. Moreover, we have selected the best ones for you, in case you don’t have any prior information!

Best Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

Since beauty is one of the most critical factors for Iranian women, they are more interested in going to women’s beauty salons hair stylers in Tehran than in other parts of the world. Also, in a big city like Tehran, the number of beauty salons is unlimited, and it is difficult to choose. So stay with us in this post to introduce you to the best hairdressing salons in Tehran. Bear in mind that beauty salons in Iran are either women-only or men-only. For this fact, we focus on both types of beauty salons hair stylers in Tehran.

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

Classic Beauty Salon – Andarzgoo Blvd

For dear ladies, the Classic Beauty Salon provides services that are one of a kind and highly specialized in the fields of beauty and care for skin, hair, and nails, in addition to cosmetic and makeup services. The staff at Classic Salon is highly trained and experienced, and they only use the highest quality care and beauty products available. As a consequence, they are able to guarantee excellent results. Classic Beauty Salon, which can be found at Sana Center, is a stylish and opulent beauty center that caters to the needs of women by providing them with high-quality and expertly performed beauty, hair, makeup, skincare, and wedding services.

Borg Beauty Salon; An International Salon in Tehran Pars

The Borg Beauty Salon is a destination for beauty enthusiasts in Tehran who are interested in exploring a range of beauty care treatments. In one of the chicest beauty salons in Tehran, you will have the opportunity to try out goods of the highest possible quality while enjoying an opulent and relaxing ambiance. On the other hand, you will have the chance to participate in treatments that are tailored to your skin.

This beauty clinic offers a variety of packages that may be customized to meet your individual requirements, whether you need services for your skin, hair, or nails. The delights of receiving aesthetic treatment and the pleasures of relaxing with a refreshing beverage in a nearby café are both available at this one convenient location. You will thus have the opportunity, while visiting Borg Beauty Salon, to immerse yourself in the genuine ambiance of Tehran’s café culture. For these characteristics, Borg Beauty Salon is among the best beauty salons hair stylers in Tehran, which is suitable for foreigners and non-Iranian people.

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

Hana Beauty Salon and Spa Center

It is said that Japan is the birthplace of treatments coming from nature, with the purpose of removing aches and sufferings from the bodies of humans and transforming the human body into an environment characterized by health and tranquility. The traditional Japanese bathhouses, known as onsen, made use of the knowledge passed down from their ancestors to alter people’s ways of living, invigorate human bodies, and inspire a variety of emotions. The International Hana Beauty Salon and Spa Center offer you an incredible selection of treatments.

Onsen Hot Pools

The Hana Spa’s four hot springs are intended to be an exact replica of the four volcanic springs that may be found in Japan. After indulging in strenuous physical exercise, dipping into one of these pools may help ease any stiffness and pain that may develop in the muscles and joints. Additionally, it relieves mental and physical stress and tiredness. It is also thought to help in the treatment of the majority of circulatory problems and is known to improve circulation and oxygen flow.


One way to fully immerse oneself in Japanese culture is via the ancient Japanese beauty treatment known as akasuri. In Japanese culture, taking a bath and keeping clean symbolize the spiritual act of cleansing one’s soul and oneself. One approach to getting fully immersed in Japanese culture is via Hana Beauty Salon’s akasuri.

Massage Services

Every massage at Hana Spa is intended to help the client achieve a state of balance and harmony. The spa focuses on giving the best body and face massage treatments available. The Hana spa’s menu offers a broad range of holistic massage therapies and treatments that are imported from all over the globe.

Fish Spa

Customers get a fish pedicure, commonly referred to as a fish spa, in which they immerse their feet in a tank of water with the Garra rufa fish species. These fish are frequently referred to as “doctor fish” because they eat the dead skin that can be seen on people’s feet. The newly formed skin is now exposed as a result.

Aromatherapy and Salt Therapy

The use of natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots, or other plant components in aromatherapy is a technique for enhancing both psychological and physical health. It is well accepted that breathing the aroma of these “essential” oils has positive effects by improving brain function.

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is an efficient, all-natural treatment that is given in a controlled air environment that replicates the natural microclimate of a salt cave to treat respiratory and skin disorders. The most advanced technology simulates the beneficial microclimate of a natural salt cave while the visitors simply relax in the treatment chamber. This enables the most significant therapeutic benefit. With the help of salt therapy, which also enhances lung function, the use of inhalers and antibiotics may be significantly reduced.

Skin, Hair, and Nail Care Service

The use of knowledge, skills, and practices that are derived from experiences that are native to many cultures is referred to as “traditional healthcare services” in the context of medicine. These services focus on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of physical and mental illness as well as the maintenance of health. They also seek to improve patient’s quality of life.

A facial treatment includes many skin care techniques, including steaming, exfoliation, extraction, and the use of different creams, lotions, and face masks. Hana Spa’s facial treatments provide outstanding results together with a first-rate experience. Each facial that is offered includes the warm glove hand treatment, the heated pad for comfort, the application of cold stones after extraction, and the professional facial massage.

Where Is Hana Spa and Beauty Salon Located?

Hana Spa Center is located in the Ozgol neighborhood in the northeast of Tehran. No. 24, Gulbahar Alley, Babai highway to the West Nirouye Zamini Boulevard (South), Minicity crossroads Artesh Highway (East), Imam Ali (North), end of Sadr bridge highway.

Roje Beauty Salon

Roje Beauty Salon is considered one of the most suitable beauty salons hair stylers in Tehran for diplomats, expats, and foreigners who love to experience beauty in the Persian way! In this center, all the makeup artists of this salon are fluent in English and can fulfill all your needs – as a foreigner. In addition to having a qualified team of hair and makeup artists, Roje Beauty Salon offers its clients the most modern methods of beauty treatments and services to help them look and feel their best.

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

Ladies may enjoy being pampered in a classy environment at Roje Beauty Salon, which takes care of all of their beauty needs. Roje Beauty Salon started conducting beauty activities in 2016. In the areas of beauty, hair, makeup, skincare, and wedding makeup, this chic salon offers services of the most excellent standard and expertise. This institution is located on Fereshteh Street, which is regarded as one of the Middle East’s most affluent boulevards.

Loveh Beauty Lounge

The most outstanding team of hairstylists, colorists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and masseuses collaborate in the opulent and soothing atmosphere of LOVEH Beauty Lounge to offer high-quality services that please even the most discerning clients and give them the individual attention they deserve. LOVEH seeks to enhance for charitable purposes. They think doing right by others is essential, and they know Loveh’s customers feel the same way. The motivation for their beauty salon is the opportunity to assist the reputable charity in their assistance of needy women and children.

As a result, when women pick LOVEH, they also support their charitable endeavors. The best thing is that you are welcome to stop by at any time between Saturday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, as well as on Fridays upon request. Since Loveh Beauty Salon is located on Fereshteh Street, those expats and diplomats who live in the best neighborhoods of Tehran may reach Loveh with ease. This makes LOVEH beauty salon one of the best beauty salons hair stylers in Tehran.

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

N. Bar Nail Salon

  1. Bar was the first brand of specialized nail bars in the Middle East, and it continues to be the pioneering brand in the area for professional nail treatments that are quick, sanitary, and of the highest quality. When N. Bar first opened their branch about 15 years ago, they set out to revolutionize the nail industry. N. Bar teams are delighted with the role that they played in bringing about this change. Today, the N.BAR brand is continuing to develop as they look forward to being true to its commitments both now and in the future. The multiple award-winning N. Bar has the foresight to reimagine the idea and the drive to build the region’s first and original nail bar chain.

Tehran’s N.BAR has turned to get manicures and pedicures into a way of life, an indulgent weekly ritual that a large number of you look forward to when you go to your preferred N.BAR branch. The N. Bar salons have not only revolutionized the look of this industry and established every benchmark in the process, but they have also fulfilled their commitment to ensuring that their team of specialists provides treatments that are outstanding, ultra-hygienic, and quick at every single appointment. Tehran’s N. Bar is the only nail salon in the globe to use the world-famous Essie brand of nail paints, and it offers its customers a variety of over 200 high-quality manicure colors, ranging from timeless neutrals to the most current trend shades. Additional N. Bar treatments include the following:

  • Natural Hair Treatments
  • Hand and Feet Massages
  • Waxing Services
  • Professional Manicure Treatments

Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

North of Capital Hosts the Best Beauty Salons Hair Stylers in Tehran

The northern neighborhoods of this bustling metropolis are where you will find the most reputable and luxurious spas and beauty salons in all of Tehran. It is recommended that you buy or rent a residence in the north of Tehran so that you have easy access to these salons. People who have lived outside of Iran may find the climate in the northern parts of Tehran to be more agreeable and hence find it more acceptable to reside in one of these northern districts. We at Tehranoffers are able to assist you in locating the ideal home in the perfect neighborhood in Tehran.

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