Jewelry and Watch Stores in Tehran | Where To Buy Brand Jewelry In Tehran

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Jewelry and Watch Shops in Tehran

Investing in gold, which is both a beautiful and valuable metal, is a hobby for many of us. Since we buy beautiful jewelry and watch and put them on, our money is never lost to us, and it does not remain in our pockets where it might be frittered away. Some of us put our money toward savings by purchasing gold. In this piece, we will discuss the most reputable jewelry and watch stores in Tehran, as well as the amenities they provide, with the goal of making the shopping experience more convenient for you.

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

There are a lot of shopping malls in Tehran, and the ones in the upper part of the city are considered to be the finest ones to visit when looking to purchase jewelry and watches. Despite the fact that the historical gold market is located in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran in the heart of the city. For instance, the Palladium retail complex in Zafaranieh is among the top shopping centers in Tehran since it is home to some of the city’s finest jewelry and watch businesses. In these stores located in Palladium, you may purchase branded jewelry as well as a wide variety of watches.

Jewelry and Watch Stores in Tehran

In the best jewelry and watch stores in Tehran, you can safely buy various types of precious metals, such as gold and silver, as well as precious stones, such as emeralds. In the following, you will get to know the best of these stores in the capital of Iran.

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Tajrish’s Ghaem Shopping Center

Ghaem Mall, which can be found close to Tajrish Square in the northern part of Tehran, is considered to be one of the most well-known jewelry and watch hubs in Tehran. When looking to purchase precious metals such as gold and silver, one of the finest options is to visit the Ghaem Shopping Center in Tehran, which is located on Tajrish Square and Shahrdari Street. You have a variety of alternatives available to you when it comes to buying since this shopping center is home to a number of well-known jewelry and watch stores in Tehran. If you would like to peruse the available brands, go up to the second floor of this shopping center.

  • Address: Tajrish Square

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Zomorodi Gallery in Fereshteh Street

Zomorodi Jewelry Gallery is one of the most well-known and well-liked jewelry and watch stores in Tehran, and it has two locations from which it operates and provides its services. The first branch of the renowned Zomorodi Gallery can be found on Fereshteh Street, while its second venue can be found on 15th Khordad Street in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. This Gallery’s collection of jewelry has a wide variety of pieces, such as bridal sets, set rings, wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and so on.

The jewelry that is conceived and manufactured at the Zomorodi Gallery, whose name literally translates to “Emerald” Gallery, is the product of a skilled team’s innovative creations that inspire fantastic beauty and charm. There, you may come across brand-new gold watches at the Zomorod Gallery as well.

Fantastic History behind Zomorodi Gallery in Tehran

The Zomorodi family, which is one of the most renowned families in Iran’s jewelry business, is in charge of managing the Zomorodi Gallery, which has a history that dates back more than 150 years. In 1870, a member of the first generation of the family with the name Sheikh Mohammad Zomorodi opened his first store in Tehran, which at the time was the most important trading center for gold and jewelry. As a result of his expertise, he was also appointed to the position of supervisor of the goldsmiths’ guild (the head of the union at that time).

The second generation of the family of Haj Ahmed Nazem Zomorodi (Tehran, 1895), who had learned the skills of gold and jewelry crafting from his father over the years, was successful in continuing his father’s career and passing it on to the subsequent generation. Now, nearly 150 years have passed since the opening of the first Zomorodi jewelry store. This family’s famous Gallery on Fereshteh Street, which is considered one of the most expensive streets in the capital, is one of the best jewelry and watch stores in Tehran. In this store, you can find and buy brand jewelry from countries like Italy and America, along with Iranian jewelry.

  • Address: Main Store; Fereshteh St. in Elahiyeh Neighborhood
  • Address: HQ Store; Grand Bazaar of Tehran at 15th Khordad Street

Rabie Gallery In Palladium Shopping Center

Palladium shopping center in the north of Tehran (Zafaraniyeh Neighborhood) is home to one of the best and most luxurious jewelry and watch stores in Tehran; Rabie Gallery. Rabie jewelry and watch Gallery has been in this industry since 1963 until today, with the aim of providing the best services and supply of quality products with the most up-to-date designs. Rabie is doing its best to be the largest store for jewelry and brand watches in Tehran.

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Now this store is managed by Majid Rabie, who entered the field of gold and jewelry in 1983, as well as his sons, Milad Rabie and Ali Rabie. The jewelry and watches available in the Gallery and its two branches (Seven Center and Palladium Shopping Center) are imported from the world’s best brands. The Rabie brand, with a long history in the gold and jewelry industry with the slogan “You are the jewel,” is considered one of the best jewelry and watch stores in Tehran.

  • Address: 1st Branch; Palladium Shopping Center in Zafaraniyeh neighborhood
  • Address: 2nd Branch: Seven Center in Tehran’s District 8

Goharbin Gallery

Goharbin Jewellery, with four branches, is one of the jewelry and watch stores in Tehran that, due to the high quality of its jewelry and also maintaining security, you should book your visit in advance. Goharbin has persisted in the jewelry business ever since it was established two centuries ago, during the reign of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. During his lifetime, Haj Mohammad Mahdi Goharbin was a well-known merchant who was instrumental in the expansion of the jewelry business. He is known for his contributions to this field. He imported a large number of fine diamonds and jewels into Tehran from a variety of nations, including India, Oman, Bahrain, Tanzania, and many others.

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Kourosh Goharbin, much like his father before him, is adamant about carrying on the family heritage. He came back to Iran and set up a brand new business and workshop on Vanak Street in Tehran. It was at that time that he made the decision to broaden the scope of the family business. Now, Goharbin is considered one of the most elegant jewelry and watch stores in Tehran, with four galleries.

  • Address: HQ; Zafar Ave., Valiasr Street
  • Address: Second Gallery: Palladium Shopping Center in Zafaraniyeh neighborhood
  • Address: Third Gallery; Andarzgoo Blvd, Sana Mall
  • Address: Fourth Gallery; Saadat Abad, Opal Shopping Center

Milad Noor Shopping Center

Another large shopping center in Tehran, which is known as the most important shopping center for jewelry and especially luxury watches, is Milad Noor. The stores on the upper floors of this shopping center are among the best jewelry and watch stores in Tehran, and you can safely buy the best and most beautiful watches from them. This shopping center has an area of more than 8 thousand square meters and has all the facilities for visitors and those interested in shopping. Milad Noor commercial complex, located in Shahrak-e Gharb, also has a food court so that you can serve food right there after buying jewelry!

  • Address: Farahzadi Blvd, Shahrak-e Gharb Neighborhood

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Kourosh Mall; Have Fun and Buy Brand Jewelry and Watch

Kourosh Mall, located in the western part of Tehran, is one of the most prominent locations and is often referred to as the excellent market for luxury jewelry and watch stores in Tehran. Residents of West Tehran and even those living in Alborz province will have an easy time getting to Kourosh Mall due to its convenient location on the Satari highway and close proximity to the Sadeghieh metro station.

Just take a stroll around this shopping area and choose from one of the city’s most recognized jewelry and watch stores when you’re in this mall for high-end timepieces and jewelry made by well-known international brands. This commercial structure comprises a total of 18 floors, with six floors explicitly dedicated to parking. Because there are a number of shops selling recognizable brands of jewelry and watches in Tehran’s Koroush shopping complex, the level of security there is very high, and it is perfectly safe to purchase here for expensive jewelry and watches. Almost all the famous brands have jewelry and watch stores in Tehran Kourosh Mall, including the followings:

  • Swatch Watches
  • Rolex
  • Cartier
  • Gucci
  • Bulgari
  • Weiss
  • Grand Seiko
  • Piguet

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Mozaffarian Gallery; Since 1880

The name “Mozaffarian” has been synonymous with excellence in Iran’s gold and jewelry business for more than a century. Mozaffarian’s brand is widely regarded as being among the most well-known jewelry and watch stores in Tehran as well as the whole nation. Manouchehr Mozaffarian, much like Kourosh Goharbin, respected the job that his father did as a goldsmith and followed in his footsteps by beginning his own career in the trade in the year 1980. He received his training in the craft of goldsmithing at the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. Manouchehr Mozaffarian was in charge of managing the largest Mozaffarian exhibition for a number of years in Laleh Zar, which is located in Tehran.

Since 1982, he has displayed Mozaffarian’s best masterpieces at the Hilton Hotel, which is also located in Tehran (now Esteghlal hotel). Mohammad Reza and Mohammad Ali Mozaffarian are both well-known gemologists at this point in their careers, having followed in their father’s footsteps. This famous and essential company in Iran’s gold and jewelry industry first opened its doors in 2013, and it has since changed its name to Partieh Mozaffarian.

Mozafarian Gallery is a well-known name and brand not only in Iran but also all over the globe in the industries of golden watches, jewelry, and silver. Mozafarian Gallery was established in 1979. It has a history that spans around 200 years (since 1880). Haj Mohammad Hassan Mozafarian, the founder of Mozaffarian Jewelry, was one of the foremost authorities on jewelry and the art of goldsmithing in his days. He selected this name for his family’s business during the Qajar dynasty since he was considered one of the foremost authorities in the field of jewelry.

  • Address: HQ; Laleh Zar, Grand Bazaar
  • Address: Esteghlal Hotel, Chamran Highway

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

Kia Gallery

Kia Gallery began its operations roughly ten years ago. It is accompanied by the intention of fostering originality in the jewelry and golden watches industry in Iran. This Gallery has developed into one of the most prestigious jewelry and watch stores in Tehran and has multiple places. The Gallery’s goals are lofty and expansive. It’s possible that Kia Gallery was the first shop in Iran’s jewelry sector to feature contemporary design. Before Kia Gallery opened, the only styles of jewelry available for purchase were traditional ones. The majority of them did not cater to the preferences of younger customers.

Kia’s design concepts were so well received by consumers that lines developed outside of the retailer’s location in the Niavaran neighborhood. Within a short period of time, Kia Gallery established a few additional sites in Tehran. Subsequently, places of this shop opened in other cities, including Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kish, Karaj, and many more. Despite a large number of outlets, there is still a considerable probability that you will have to queue up in order to access these establishments. Here are Kia Gallery’s jewelry and watch stores in Tehran:

  • Sky Center, Lavasan, Tehran
  • Sivan Center, Tehran Pars, East of Tehran
  • Paris Center, Pasdaran Neighborhood, Tehran
  • Kimia Shopping Center, Dezashib, Niavaran Neighborhood
  • Boutique Melal Mall, Fereshteh Street, Elahiyeh
  • Maryam Shopping Center, Fereshteh Street, Elahiyeh
  • Golestan Shopping Center, Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran
  • Aren Shopping Center, Saadat Abad Neighborhood
  • Bam Land Complex, Chitgar Neighborhood, West of Tehran

Jewelry and watch stores in Tehran

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